Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our girly man

Lately I have been busy sewing blankets for the impending arrival of our daughter. I finished one yesterday that Blake has commandeered. The front of it is made with really soft material and the back is all silky. Last night Blake had the blanket around him at all times and this morning when I got it out of the wash, he promptly took it upstairs for himself. I have a feeling that he will fight our daughter for this blanket. Joe and I decided I should make one just like it in boy colors for him, although he does take after his father. Last night Joe got out his blanket that he used to love as a kid that is pink also, maybe it runs in the family. 
Right now the blanket is safe in her crib, but we'll see how long that lasts. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Trip to Reno

As stated in a previous post, we went to Reno for a wedding this last weekend. We drove about 24 hours for a day and half trip. Crazy. We don't regret a minute of it though, we had so much fun. We arrived in Fallon Friday night and went to a bbq for the bride and groom . It was so much fun. They have a lot of land and Blake was overjoyed to run around for a straight two hours. We then went to Reno that night and stayed with great friends, the Smiths. 
The next morning we went to the Reno temple for Cody and Avery's sealing. It was the most beautiful sealing I have been part of. We were so happy we made the trip out to see this very special occasion. That evening we went back out to Fallon Blakeless and enjoyed the reception. It was quite peaceful without Blake and Joe and I were able to enjoy each other's company without worrying about chasing Blake around. 
We went to our old ward the next morning and it felt so good to see all the people we love and miss dearly. Right after we left for home. To cut the trips length we stayed in Vegas which was nice. Monday morning we took my mom and grandma out to breakfast at a restaurant I have been wanting to go to. I am a Food Network geek through and through. One of my favorite shows is Divers, Dives and Dine ins. Awhile back they went to a place in Boulder City, NV. Since I saw that, I have wanted to eat there. We finally did on Monday morning. Let me just tell you that The Coffee Cup is an exceptional place to eat. The food is great, the prices right. It's not glamourous at all but oh so nice and cozy. If you are ever in Boulder City or driving through, stop in, you won't regret it. 
As a side note, we did not get to see anybody that we really loved in Reno except for a few people. Since we were technically in Reno for one day, of course we didn't have time. We promise that we will be back through and make time for each person that we love there (that means you if you're in Reno).
After the wedding at the Reno temple.  Blake and Kayla Smith having a blast together. Blake LOVED being at Linda's so much. His favorite activity: calling "Jacob!" At the reception, childless. Can you tell that we're enjoying ourselves.  Kayla thought it would be funny to be strapped in Blake's car seat, crazy girl.  The beautiful couple. We couldn't get an alone shot but this one works. That's her basketball coach from high school. Thought you would care =)

Chasing Kitties

At the dinner the night before the wedding, Blake found some kittens and decided he wanted to be their best friend. The house we were at had a lot of land and on the side is where Blake found the kittens. Surprisingly the kittens were quite nice for being outdoor cats on a farm. At one point one was laying down and Blake actually got to pet him, then he growled at it, scared it and it ran away. He had so much fun with all the land to roam that needless to say, we didn't bring him to the reception. 

Thursday, August 14, 2008

4 Years down, eternity to go

Joe and I are celebrating our 4th year anniversary today. Looking back at the last four years, we have accomplished a lot: two bachelors degrees, one BIG move, one and a half children, starting a career, 4 apartments (and a house on the horizon), BIG tests, and all the fun we have had. I picked four pictures from the last four pictures that represent what we were doing.
And how are we celebrating this very special occasion? Driving to Reno after Joe gets off work, romantic we know. But to Joe's credit, him and Blake brought me home roses the other night and Joe wrote some beautiful things in a card for me. How thoughtful! 
I'm pretty sure this was our engagement photo, we took so many.  Halloween 2005. We were both in YM and YW at the time and had a Halloween party to go to. We had to dress up but being the cheapos we were we didn't want to buy costumes so we wore Joe's Brasilian soccer jerseys. Fun times.  Christmas 2006. Two years after marriage our (then) sweet little boy was born. Oh how they change in their little lives.  I know we post this picture ALL THE TIME, but seriously it is the only picture of the two of us. Man it's hard to do that when you have a child. And with another coming there will be even fewer of the two of us. 
There are so many more things we can't wait to experience with each other in the next 80 or so years. The one coming up the soonest is the birth of our daughter. What a wonderful 4 years it has been, can't wait to see what is in store for us in the next 4. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

We want a pitcher not a belly itcher...

Blake often watches baseball with Joe and he has learned a little something about pitching from watching professional baseball. We noticed a couple of weeks ago that Blake would lift up his leg while throwing a ball, just like a pitcher. It was so funny that we tried to get it on tape and finally succeeded. What's great about it is that he only learned this from watching tv. Sorry the video is so dark. 

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a deal...

Joe, Blake and I were driving home after a long morning of shopping and we spotted a young boy holding a sign advertising Mervyns 75% off sale. This boy was probably young enough to enact the laws protecting children, but we decided to stop in. Now of course the selections weren't great, but they had enough to appease us. Joe bought three new shirts for work, Blake received a sweatshirt that we are supposing is all we will need in the winter and our little girl received 3 dresses, 4 onesies and a pair of pajamas. We bought all this for the low price of $55. Surprisingly, which actually brought me a natural high, we saved $52. We saved almost as much as we spent. Don't you love when that happens? Love it!
(Sorry the picture is turned funny, my fault)