Saturday, February 23, 2013

And Still, A Handsome Man

Blake - 2006

Blake - 2013
6 years later he is still our handsome little man!
(and 6 years apparently makes a big difference in how my parent's kitchen looks)

Friday, February 22, 2013

To grandma's (and grandpa's) house we go...

Blake had 3 days off from school last week for parent teacher conferences and president's day so we had planned a fun weekend trip to Utah to visit grandma and grandpa Norby. We hadn't been up to Utah since June and that was the last time our kids took a road trip too. We tried to fit in as much fun stuff as we could in 4 days. 
 We caught a Grizzlies hockey game. Can't beat $10 a ticket for Blake to be in hockey heaven. It was a really fun game, ending in a shoot out. Fun was had by all (except maybe Kalli. She looked incredibly bored the whole time but she insists she had fun).
 A trip to grandma's always includes dessert. This time I picked my favorite, strawberry crepes. I won't admit to how many I ate while visiting.
 Visiting also means eating things for breakfast that mom usually wouldn't allow (like sweetened strawberries and whipped cream on pancakes).
 Blake played in the snow quite often. He loved this little snow thrower. His favorite was going out with Maestro and playing in the snow. He also loved having Maestro sleep with him each night.
Lots of dress up time. Kalli was in love with all the new outfits to try on.

We ate at a couple places that I had been wanting to eat at. Kneaders is every bit as good as people say. I am still dreaming of my tomato soup from there and wish I would have made time to get soup from there one more time before we left. And a trip to Utah is never complete without a stop at In'N'Out. Joe and I also got to do a session at the Jordan River temple which was fun.