Thursday, January 20, 2011

So for the last couple months we have been trying to figure out a middle name for our little girl. It's not as easy as it sounds and a lot of people told me that she doesn't even need a middle name. But yes, she does need a middle name, at least in my world. My kid's middle names get used daily if not hourly. I like using my kids middle names to address them, not just when they're in trouble, but I like how it goes together with their first name. I'm crazy, I've never disputed this.
I was sick of not being able to think of names and Joe only tossing out names as a joke, so I went to the library and picked up four (yes I needed four) baby name books. The little one at the top has become my favorite because it's not just a big dictionary of names that is pretty worthless, but the authors make up lists of names. Now some of the lists are silly like rapper kid's names or rock star kid's names or names that no one is cool enough to have. Some of the lists are quite helpful like literary names, vowel names, and old lady cool. I've really enjoyed this book and looking at all the lists.
I'm pretty sure we've figured out her name, well at least I hope so. And no, I'm not telling you right now. You will find out in about a month and a half.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kalli's new bed (or aptly put, Joe is amazing)

Awhile ago Joe embarked on a request from me to build Kalli a bed. We figured we could build one for cheaper than we could buy one. That would have been true if Joe didn't then go out and buy $300 worth of new tools. Oh well, that just means he now has the tools to make me whatever my heart desires (or whatever I can find at I challenged Joe to finish this bed by Christmas and he accomplished it with two days to spare. We put Kalli in the bed the day before Christmas eve and we haven't had one problem, which is quite shocking. I think because Kalli watched her dad make this bed, she was really excited about it. Every time she went into the garage she would point to her bed and say "my bed". We put her in the bed the first night and she stayed in her room and slept in her bed. Naptimes have been perfect. What's funny is Kalli stays in her bed until I come and get her, she doesn't get that she has the independence now to do it on her own, although I like that she just waits there for me. We're shocked by how well she has taken to her new bed, but we're so happy it was an easy transition.
Kalli's bed being put in her room. I did the painting, so I at least helped out in some way. The headboard and footboard are really beautiful. Joe did such an amazing job. All put together. I made a quilt for Kalli's bed and it turned out really well. I love it! Too bad it gets lost under her 8 other blankets she sleeps with. She looks so tiny in this bed, but I know this will be special for her because her amazing daddy built it for her.
So if you have a bed order for Joe put it in now.