Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Only race of 2013

 On Saturday I ran my only race of 2013. I had originally signed up for the 10k but per doctors orders, I decreased to the 5k. I have trained since I found out I was pregnant and felt good the first couple weeks, then my endurance took a huge nose dive, so in a way I was pretty happy the doctor asked me to decrease my distance. Even though the 5k isn't much, I am very proud of this accomplishment. Doing it pregnant was much harder than I would have thought. My only goal for the race was not to stop running, which I can proudly say I didn't. My pace was pretty slow, but I ran the whole thing. In my running career, running a race pregnant is a major accomplishment. I can't wait to get my energy and endurance back after the baby is born and run my first 10k next year and hopefully a half next summer!
By the way, there were two other pregnant women running that day. One did a 10k and killed it! And another did a half marathon. I was completely impressed!