Monday, November 28, 2011

Crawling to the music

Lexie loved music and she especially loves when her daddy gets home from work and starts playing the piano. No matter where she is, she'll crawl over to his feet on the pedals and start playing with him. She just loves when he plays. If she's lucky enough Joe will sit her on his lap and let her play her own song and that brings a certain amount of joy to this little girl.
Because she loves the piano and Joe's playing so much, he's dedicated a certain song to her. Lexie knows her song and as soon as Joe starts playing it she crawls as fast as she can to the piano. Her song is the Jaws theme and our kids think it's so funny that it's Lexie's song. But there is no denying that this little girl loves music, her daddy and especially the Jaw's theme song.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My (and Joe's) addiction to Pinterest

Have you heard of pinterest? Have you used pinterest? I got an invite a couple months ago and am in love with this site. I have found that I only like to pin those things I actually think I'll make or get around to doing, otherwise I find it a little too overwhelming. Joe got in on the action when he found how cool it is. I assigned him his own board that I pin things to so that he gets an idea of the things I want him to make for our house, you know because he builds furniture for me and all. Recently I actually accomplished some pins I had my eye on and it felt quite good finishing them.
I had seen this cute shirt all over pinterest and figured it would be pretty simple to make. I actually had dreams of making this for all the nieces, even bought all the shirts for it, but then the dirty looks from Joe and my incredibly busy schedule told me I probably bit off too much. So instead I made them for my girls. They turned out super cute and can't wait for them to start wearing them next month. These are just made from ribbon that I sewed onto the shirt. One of the other pins was this Phineas pumpkin that I fell in love with. Because this show is popular in our house with not only the children we knew we had to make it. I printed it out for Joe to carve and I was able to mark off yet another item I had pinned on pinterest.
I also find quite a few recipes I would like to try and that I have tried. If you've never heard of pinterest and would like an invitation to join, just leave me your email and I'll send an invite your way. If you're on pinterest, I'd love to follow you, it's so fun to see what inspires people.
Have you accomplished your pins yet?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What we've been up to...

My power cord for my Mac snapped three weeks ago. I ordered a replacement 3 weeks ago and it finally came. It's amazing how much I missed my computer and felt lost without it. Joe recently took his PE exam (professional engineering exam). This test is crucial for his career, so pray that he passed! We'll know the results in January. These are all the books Joe took with him as it was an open book test. But really, why would you want to take a test with all those books, yikes! They all fit nicely into a rolling suitcase. Joe has been studying for this exam every night for at least four months. It's nice to have him back! Joe went out of town for five days for work. He was here, Woodward, OK. All he said about it was that it was very green. We've never lived anywhere green, so that was a huge change for him. Plus, while he was out of town he ate so much better than me. We missed him terribly and are happy he's home again! We went trick or treating three times with these guys. Now we have way TOO much candy. Halloween I was on my own as Joe was out of town. I think I handled it pretty well, especially because Joe hardly ever goes out of town so I haven't had a chance to get good at doing it all by myself. We did our yearly tradition of carving pumpkins, and once again Joe and I did everything. I thought our two were terrific, I won't show you the other two we did.