Friday, February 25, 2011

Blake's not so fun Tuesday afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon I got a call from Blake's school saying that he had gotten hurt on the playground. She told me he was bleeding pretty good and we'd need to take him to the dentist. I quickly woke Kalli up, called the dentist to warn them we were coming and went and got Blake. He was sitting fine on his teacher's lap in the nurse's office until he saw me and then he just started crying. There was blood all over his mouth and his clothes. The nurse said he was playing hide and seek with some friends and as he was running up the steps of the playground equipment he fell resulting in a gash in his lip and bleeding gums. I quickly took him to the dentist where he didn't cry once (shocking!). He let them take x-rays with no problem. We were so lucky he didn't break a tooth. He didn't have to have any stitches or anything. We have to go back in a week to check on his teeth, but I think everything will be fine. It was quite a close call.
There are his bleeding gums and you can see a bit of his cut lip. There's the lip again. This shows that he was a bit bloody. I think he was more traumatized seeing the blood and he jumped for joy when I got the blood out of his clothes. He's a bit anal about having his clothes clean. This was taken three days later. you can see that the bruising has really gone away and it doesn't look bad at all anymore. Smiling! His lip is healing well. I think it looks worse today than it did three days ago, but just because it's healing. Surprisingly I kept asking him if he was in pain that whole day and the next and he kept telling me no. I had him on tylenol that whole day but he didn't need it the next day. I'm just hoping this will be the last time I get that call from the nurse, but I wouldn't bet on it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting accomplished (mostly)

This last weekend we decided to tackle the kids' rooms with paint. Now it may have been a little crazy to try to do two, it also may have been a bit nuts to think I could do this while being 9 months pregnant. We survived apparently, but just barely.
Joe got to pick what we did with Blake's room. The original plan was to do all the walls this blue color with a silver stripe on top. Luckily he changed his mind when we couldn't find the right silver. Once we started on Blake's room we quickly discovered that the color we picked needed three coats to look good. To say we were exhausted is an understatement. I think it turned out wonderful! Plus, Blake loves it! Kalli's room is only half finished. We decided to only tackle the top half this weekend and then will be working on it again on President's Day since Joe has that day off. The bottom half will be pink and white stripes. Eventually we will also put up a chair rail. I love the green that we picked out, it just feels like spring every time I walk in her room. When Kalli's room gets finished in one week there will only be one room left in our house that we want to paint, and that is the living room. We're kind of dreading that one. So it may be put off awhile longer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A couple weeks ago we got to see our little girl again. We were checking her head out to see if she may have the same condition as Kalli had. While looking around the tech commented that she already has hair. This is quite significant to me seeing as my two others had no hair at birth. Although it doesn't look like a lot, I'm hoping that when she's born she'll resemble me more than her dad and siblings. It's only fair right. I have attached some pictures of all of us at birth. The odds are not in my favor but a girl can hope right?
Baby girl's "hair" Blake at birth. Looks like he has some hair, but not really Kalli at birth. She had more hair than Blake but nothing too significant. Joe as a bald little baby. And then you have me. I have a mohawk of hair! Somehow my genes must somehow become stronger than my husband's so that I can have at least one baby that resembles me! Come on genes, you can do it!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

We usually try to go to the library once every other week to pick up some new books for the kids (and me). Lately Kalli has been sitting much better for longer books so I have been trying to find good girl books for her. I don't mind getting regular books for her but I also want her to have some girly girl books that she'll enjoy (Blake has his construction and bug books). We've found Olivia, Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious. Now we are on the search for more. Do you have suggestions for some fun girly girl books?