Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh so thankful...

Ok, so these pictures are out of order. Oh well. Our Thanksgiving was great. It was only the four of us but it was still a lot of fun. Here is what happened:
Kalli is a pig, that's all I can say. I was really grateful for her because I cook for two days and usually Blake sits down for no more than 2 minutes and is done. It seems like a waste, but Kalli sat for half an hour or more just eating and eating and eating. She made me so happy. She started out eating the potatoes and after a while ventured over to the pomegranate salad and would not stop eating it. She had three helpings of that stuff. Joe won't even talk about the after-effects of that diaper, it has scarred him.  Getting ready to eat. Wow, I make a lot of white food, there is like no color on that plate! Trying to patiently wait for the food. They really weren't that patient, I had a lot of whining and crying for the food.  Blake just couldn't wait to get started. He begged for a roll and potatoes for over 15 minutes and then when I gave it to him he ate three bites and was done. Seriously grateful for Kalli.  The food, and it was good! We missed our families but we had so much fun with our own little family. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BYU Broohaha

Last weekend Joe's brother and his wife came into town to see BYU play against UNM. Joe decided that Blake was old enough to go and actually sort of enjoy the football game and so we made it a family outing minus our little girl. Although it was pretty dang cold Blake had a great time. I am not a fan of BYU at all so I didn't cheer for either team, but I still had fun hanging out with my family and Ryan and Kelli. Ryan and Kelli have corrupted Blake's mind by teaching him to chant BYU and he does it all the time now, including during stake conference. We wish Ryan and Kelli could have stayed longer but we had fun while it lasted. We kept their bed up for Blake so he could feel like they were still there. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Shoe Addict

This little girl is absolutely obsessed with wearing her shoes. If she doesn't have her shoes on she goes on a quest to find them and brings them to me to put them on. Anytime I have to take them off for naps or diaper changes she freaks out and instantly wants them back on when we're done. Half the time she is wearing her shoes for nap time, weirdo. Joe and I are a little annoyed with all this so we have started hiding her shoes, I know we're mean parents. Even if she already has one pair of shoes she'll bring me her others and wants both on and gets upset when I can't put them both on. I don't know if this is a girl thing or just a weird Kalli thing but it's definitely a quirk of hers. 
*I know she has no shoes on in this picture, but this was taken before her obsession developed. 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kalli's amazing pictures

We are so lucky that there are so many talented women in our ward that love photography. I asked one of them if she wouldn't mind taking Kalli's one year pictures and I am so excited by how they turned out. These are just some of what she captured. Unfortunately Kalli was not having her picture taken that day. We had to go out early to get the light just right and it was SO cold and she apparently is not a fan of the cold. She wouldn't smile, walk or do anything but just glare at me for taking her out of her warm bed. I still think they turned out great! Take a look and enjoy her cuteness!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I LOVE this picture. 

Monday, November 2, 2009

The traditional Halloween Post

Lady Bug
The group (minus one)
The trick or treating gang
Ridiculously excited about the loot!