Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eating Broccoli Tops

Like most parents, we have trouble getting Blake to eat his veggies. At dinner last night we had mashed potatoes, Blake's favorite. I decided to cut up some broccoli and disguise it in the potatoes. It didn't work so well, he decided to eat all of Joe's potatoes instead (smart little boy). While Blake was sitting on Joe's lap we gave him a piece of broccoli and Blake proceeded to only eat the top off. He did this with several pieces. It was pretty funny. We figured that most of the vitamins are on the top anyway so he did get some nutritional value.
Here is a picture of the top eaten broccoli. We called them little trees for Blake, although I am sure he didn't understand that. 
Here is a side by side comparison of Blake's mashed potatoes with cut up broccoli that he didn't eat and Joe's plate that Blake only ate from. 
Just an added cute picture. This is Blake's new smile. If you ask him to smile, this is what you get. In person it is actually so ugly that it's cute. Who couldn't love a face like that. 

Thursday, February 21, 2008


My friend Kerstin tagged me with this interesting survey... Now you can see just how boring I truly am. 
5 years ago (so I changed this from 10 because I honestly don't remember what I was doing): I was 19 years old. I had just moved up to Reno, Nevada to have a fresh start. I was attending my third university and seeming to enjoy it. I was 1 year away from meeting my husband (wow!). That semester I also got two very bad grades because I was hanging out with friends too much. I was truly enjoying life and enjoying everything that came with it (at least that's how I remember it). 
Snacks I enjoy: I LOVE anything salty. I have recently discovered honey mustard Pringles. Yum. I love fast food (I know so bad for me). One desert that I love is brownies and ice cream. In general I love food which is very very bad for me!
5 things on my to do list today:
1. clean up the front room at nap time and at bed time
2. do the dished
3. Read my scriptures
4. check my email
5. Take my vitamins 
Things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. Buy a beautiful house (not too big because it's too much to clean)
2. Put money in savings for my children's college
3. Buy lots and lots of books (I'm an avid reader)
4. Go on lots of vacations with my husband and maybe our children (I dream of going to Italy and Paris and Australia and England and....) 
5. Put the rest of the money in a good savings account and live off of the interest (Joe would probably not be content to quit his job so we would still have money from him)
3 of my bad habits:
1. I get frustrated too easily which upsets me, I wish I were more easy going
2. I'm lazy... I could spend a whole day reading or watching tv and not think anything about it. Children just don't allow too much for that laziness. 
3. I'm a nag. I nag Joe constantly about things I feel are important. I have now been asked not to ask him about his resume and job search because I stress Joe out too much. But it's important right??
5 places I have lived (most recent to not so recent):
1. Reno, NV
2. Las Vegas, NV
3. Ogden, UT
4. Elko, NV
Ok so I think I have only lived in 4 places my whole life
5 jobs I have had:
1. Data enterer at UNR
2. Sylvan Learning Center
3. Substitute teacher at Washoe County
4. Receptionist at animal hospital
5. Receptionist at salon
things people may or may not know about me:
1. I love tv on DVD. No commercials is amazing. Come September there are many shows that Joe and I buy on DVD. This may seem like a waste but I truly get my moneys worth. That was until lately and Blake pays more attention to the tv which upsets me. 
2. I am an avid learner. I had Blake 2 months after I graduated college. I actually cried when Joe went back to school because I wanted to go back too. I meant to take the GRE's shortly after Blake was born but I chickened out. Joe and I discuss me going back to get my masters when we know where we will be moving. 
3. I love painting. No not pictures or anything, but painting walls. I actually beg people to let me help them paint their houses. I can't wait to have a house of my own to paint all my walls. I think this scares Joe but I don't think I can be completely happy in my home without lots of colors. Maybe that says something about me. 
4. I heavily rely on my friends. One thing that scares me more than anything is moving and not making friends. I talk constantly and if I don't have someone besides Joe to release that on then he will go insane with my voracious amount of talking. 
Now I tag: Jenny, Jessica, Tavia, Bonnie and Becky

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A day at the post office (ok so not a day per say)

So Joe and I ordered some DVDs a week or so ago and have been anxiously anticipating their arrival. Unfortunately I was not home when the mail man tried to deliver them so he left a little slip on our door. My plan was to go down to the post office after Blake's nap to pick up our box. We left a little after 4 for the post office and when we arrived the line was out the door (probably because they were closed yesterday). I knew I really wanted to get our package so I decided to wait in line with Blake. Recently Blake has learned to stay close to me when out in public so I was still a little worried but not too badly. We waited in line for about 25 minutes in which I was on my toes as to when Blake would freak out and want to leave or when he would start to annoy the other patrons. After 25-30 minutes we get to the front of the line only to have me look down at our slip to see that the package wouldn't be available to be picked up until tomorrow. I felt like a complete moron. 
I asked the man at the counter to check just in case he came back early. He hadn't. So Blake and I will repeat this tomorrow which will hopefully have a smaller line! 
Moral of the story: Look at the date available before you leave the house and wait in line for 25 minutes. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blake's version of jumping

I finally caught Blake on tape jumping. We think it is so funny. One day he just started "jumping". His version is lifting each foot separately. I'm not sure where he even learned jumping, maybe from Joe but his version is great. 
I also got him to do some of his animal sounds and body parts. He loves to perform, especially for the camera so this was really fun for him. 
Please don't mind our messy house, I am a very BAD housekeeper (at least during the day). Sometimes it gets cleaned up after Blake goes to bed. 

Friday, February 1, 2008

Oh the week we've had...

The saying "when it rains it pours" is exactly what happened to our family this week. Monday we started out the day by taking Blake to the dermatologist to check his big toes. We received good news that nothing was wrong, he just had an abnormal  toe nail on each big toe. Great news. But unfortunately Blake still had a fever since Saturday evening and was so sick. I just wanted to wait it out thinking he would be fine. But since he wasn't feeling good he wasn't sleeping. No fun at all for Joe and I. I think we may have gotten about 3-4 hours of sleep each night. 
Tuesday morning Blake's fever finally broke. I was so excited thinking that he was getting better. I was sitting next to him on the couch watching tv and went to touch his ears when he freaked out on me. I figured that his ears must have been hurting so I called the dr.'s office to make an appointment. Later that morning Blake was feeling much better and was actually playing and eating. I also went to touch his arm and he freaked, so I thought maybe the ear thing was a false alarm. I proceeded to cancel his appointment because I thought I was just overreacting. Blake took a long nap but slept very fitfully. When I got him up he just cried for half an hour. Now, this is not like Blake at all and so I got worried. By this time the dr.'s office was already closed. Luckily they had an after hours clinic that I immediately made an appointment with. We found out that Blake had a bilateral ear infection (one in each ear). She gave us a prescription to make all better. Great right? Not so much.
Wednesday Blake seemed to be doing a lot better so we stopped worrying.
Thursday morning Blake woke up with a fever, which he shouldn't have when on antibiotics. He had absolutely no energy and would not leave my side. I put him down for a nap at 10 (2 hrs. after waking up). He slept badly till about 3:30. You could just tell he felt horrible. Blake then got a bloody nose which lasted about 15 minutes. 
Friday Blake woke up with his face covered in blood. He had gotten a bloody nose in the morning and had gotten blood everywhere. Let me just tell you it is horrifying walking into your child's room to see him covered in blood. I called the dr.'s office to get in as I was worried that Blake had had two bloody noses in 12 hours. 
The dr. told me that the antibiotics he was on were not working on him which is why he got another fever after being on the medicine. He switched him over to penicillin. He also said that the ear infections were worse and that his right ear  had a blister on it. Ouch! The bloody nose was caused by a sinus infection that should go away with the new medication. He said Blake should be in some pretty bad pain and to keep him on motrin and tylenol for a couple of days.
Let's just keep our fingers crossed that Blake gets better with this new medication. Right now he is playing which is great. We'll keep you posted on his recovery. 
Sorry this was so long but this week has seemed like a lot longer and I hope we are finally on the down hill slope.