Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A day at the post office (ok so not a day per say)

So Joe and I ordered some DVDs a week or so ago and have been anxiously anticipating their arrival. Unfortunately I was not home when the mail man tried to deliver them so he left a little slip on our door. My plan was to go down to the post office after Blake's nap to pick up our box. We left a little after 4 for the post office and when we arrived the line was out the door (probably because they were closed yesterday). I knew I really wanted to get our package so I decided to wait in line with Blake. Recently Blake has learned to stay close to me when out in public so I was still a little worried but not too badly. We waited in line for about 25 minutes in which I was on my toes as to when Blake would freak out and want to leave or when he would start to annoy the other patrons. After 25-30 minutes we get to the front of the line only to have me look down at our slip to see that the package wouldn't be available to be picked up until tomorrow. I felt like a complete moron. 
I asked the man at the counter to check just in case he came back early. He hadn't. So Blake and I will repeat this tomorrow which will hopefully have a smaller line! 
Moral of the story: Look at the date available before you leave the house and wait in line for 25 minutes. 

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Kerstin said...

oh that stinks. I did something like that the other day. I thought that I had a doctors appointment during the day so I took Jared to school (it takes like 1/2 hour to get there) When I thought it was time to leave I loaded the kids in the car and decided to double check my appointment time only to find that my appointment was not for a couple more days. So I had to repeat the whole process a few days later. It was pretty annoying.