Saturday, September 29, 2012

An observation on hair- by Kalli

I was sitting next to Kalli at church last week and she was quietly playing on the magna doodle. 
She turns to me and says:

This is Repunzal's hair :
 This is Kalli's hair
 This is Lexie's hair
 This is daddy's hair. 

I couldn't stop laughing. I thought that was very perceptive of Kalli.

Happy birthday Joe. Even though you are low on hair you are not low on love in this house. We love you, hair or no!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kalli the ballet (and tap) dancer

 Kalli started her ballet/tap class last week. I feel she has entered the age where she needs something that is hers and she's not really a sports girl. The class is small, with only 4 other girls, and they all have to wear a pink leotard and pink tights. They look incredibly adorable in their little dancing outfits. Kalli loved every minute of it. It's nice for her to have her own activity and have a place she can call her own.