Friday, December 20, 2013

All about the kids

Blake- turned 7 years old this year. He is quite the type A personality and has a hard time when things don't go exactly the way he thinks they should. He can be quite hard on himself with homework and getting in trouble at home. His teacher even wrote on his report card that he needs to give himself a break. But at school he is excelling and doing wonderfully. He won a special award at school which we were so proud of. His reading is exceptional and his math is getting better. He loves Lexie and Brady to pieces but struggles with Kalli. They are direct opposites of each other and I think she lives to drive him crazy. Blake is incredibly helpful around the house and helps me a ton with Brady. Next year Blake will get baptized and he talks about it constantly.

Kalli- turned 5 years old this year and really should be in kindergarten (dang late birthday). She is enrolled in our districts free preschool which we love! She is doing so well in school and comes home and just wants to write letters and notes to people all day. Kalli is a friend to all and makes friends pretty easily. Kalli is also very scatterbrained and spacey at times. Often I will find her wearing two pairs of underwear because she didn't take off her old pair to put her new pair on. Dinner is an absolute nightmare with Kalli. Most nights she screams and wails about what I made for an hour and then will buckle down and eat it and discover that she actually does like it. For the most part Kalli is our very sweet and gentle daughter.

Lexie- turned 2 this year. This girl has more personality than any child I have ever met. She makes me laugh throughout the day and I really do consider her my buddy. She loves being home without the big kids 4 days a week for 3 hours. She loves baby dolls and doing to them what I do for Brady. She has Joe and I wrapped around her fingers and we will often let her have what she wants because she gives us a face we can't resist. Lexie is always singing a song around the house and always ends it with "thank you very much". Often I am expected to clap for her. I keep a notebook of the funny things my kids say, and the majority is from Lexie.

Brady- was born in October. He is the sweetest most calm baby. He loves riding in the car and will fall asleep instantly, which is nice since we're in the car a lot. Brady seems to smile at his mom the most but I'm around the most. He moved into the boys' room this month and is doing really well, only waking once in the middle of the night. It helps too that Blake never seems to hear him cry. Brady rarely cries, mostly because we're on a good schedule and he doesn't need to cry to be fed or put to bed. Brady also loves to cuddle and sometimes it kills me that I can't drop everything just to love on him. He is the perfect last baby for our family.