Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sky Mall Top 5 - 2011 Edition

So a couple years ago I posted my Sky Mall Top 10. Since I am that bored when I fly, I guess I will do an updated list. Since the previous top 10 are still being sold on Sky Mall (surprisingly this stuff sales), I will give my new Top 5. If you want to see my previous Top 10, look at these links:
#5 - Orbit Wheels - Only $99.99. I don't know how these are supposed to work without your shins rubbing against the wheels? For those still interested in seeing how these work, go to the sky mall website and see the video.
#4 - Cap/Sun Glass Combo - $24.99. Hat plus Sun Glasses, how could you go wrong? Yes, the glasses fit down through the visor.
#3 - The Peddler - $24.99. Gives new meaning to stationary bike. Hello new exercise program!
#2 - U-Watch Drain Cap - $9.99. Yes this is a bargain, but if your drains look like ours (all sorts of nasty) you will not be able to see in there to look for your ring, nor would you want to! Some things in life are better unseen, the funk in the drain is one of them!
And this years #1 pick - The Pillow Tie - $19.95. In case this flight turns into a cruise, your tie may be used as a floatation device! I am guessing it is not a comfortable pillow. Stick to the old fashion way of sleeping on your arm, or roll up your coat and sleep on that.
Bonus Item - Giraffe Toilet paper holder - $29.95. I knew they had long necks for a reason!
Disclaimer - I am not paid to poke fun at these products or any other sold in the Sky Mall magazine, although anyone willing to pay me for my thoughts, please feel free to make checks payable to.....
And, because Kristen always gets mad at me for not stating it, Joe is responsible for this post. I think she get embarrassed by my posts and doesn't want to be associated with them. I proudly accept responsibility for the above content.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'll give you five dollars....

Since we read to the kids every night we get pretty sick of some books and have found that we really enjoy reading others. If I have to read "Dogs Colorful Day" one more time, I might just cry (and in fact Joe has been known to hide that book from the kids). But when a book comes along that I look forward to reading with the kids and makes me laugh all the same, I get it often. We LOVE the pigeon books by Mo Willems. We recently just checked out "The Pigeon Wants a Puppy" and oh man did I laugh. I also find myself getting caught up in narrating the book and making it more fun. Blake often quotes from "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" which I find amazing. These books are just so fun, entertaining and overall a great read. Check them out if you haven't read these.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

16 x 16 Creativity

I recently figured out how to create my own Blogger Favicon (look up next to the web address if you do not know what a Favicon is).
This is how you do it. Try it out and see how creative you can be with your own 16x16 pixel design.
1.) Go to and get started. (there are other free sites to use as well)
2.) Design your favicon in the 16x16 square or try to import a picture to create from.
3.) Save this design to your hard drive (no need to copy and paste the small piece of code as they instruct you to do).
4.) On Blogger, go to your blog design page. At the top you will see where you can edit the Favicon. Locate where you saved your favicon and choose this file.
5.) Unfortunately, Blogger takes about half a day or so for this setting to take affect. But when it does, you will see your new design next to your blogger site as will everyone else who visits your site.
As a Note: Unlike instructions from other pages, there is no need to copy or paste any code to the blogger to get the favicon to show up.
Hopefully these instructions are simple enough to follow. We look forward to seeing your wonderful designs. Let me know if you have any questions.