Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A family of gourds

On Saturday we tried our hand at carving pumpkins. In the past years we haven't done this tradition because Joe is a Scrooge about holiday stuff. This year Blake and I went and bought the pumpkins and made Joe get in the spirit. Blake was super excited about the pumpkins but when it came down to getting elbow deep in pumpkin goop, he had nothing to do with it. Joe and I had a blast cleaning out our pumpkins and then carving them. I found two patterns online that I liked and then Joe created his own. This was the first year that my pumpkin actually turned out well. I can't wait to do this again. 
I also forgot that when you live in really hot weather (it's still in the 90's here) your pumpkins don't last. So right now they are looking sad, but at least I got some good pictures before they have completely gone bad. 
This is what Kalli did while we carved our pumpkins. We also bought her own pumpkin to represent her in our family of pumpkins.  Blake and mommy with the finished products. All Blake wanted to do here was blow out the candles.  Our finished products. The one on the left is Joe's creation. Mine is in the middle from a pattern and the last one Joe did from a pattern.  Hard at work.  I think Blake's face in this picture is priceless. He is also obsessed with Kalli's pumpkin and it took a lot of prompting to let us give the pumpkin to Kalli for a picture. He will soon need to learn to share a lot better. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tour of our house

We have been asked a couple times to give a tour of our house that is being built. Joe went to a pre-drywall meeting the other day and while there took a tour of our house. While watching it may be hard to visualize what it will look like, but it's the best we can do right now. We will do another one when our home is finished. Enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Recent Pictures

I have been trying desperately to get a picture of Kalli with her eyes open but she isn't cooperating. She also loves to sleep and only wakes up for her daddy. So she is probably only awake for like a total of 1-2 hours a day, crazy. Life is good and we're enjoying getting to know our new little member of our family. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally some pictures

We just got home tonight and man does it feel good. Although it is nice to have people cooking for me all day. Here are some pictures of the family. Hope you enjoy. I will try to get better ones of Kalli, she doesn't really like to open her eyes. I will also be posting a video of Blake's obsession with his sister. He is quite possessive of her, so if you are around and want to hold her: beware. 
Brand New!
Peaceful. Look in the back. Her own name tag that Joe requested from me to make for her. It was quite the hit with the nurses. 
You have to have a girly blanket to show that she truly is a girl =)
Happy family leaving the hospital. Yipee. By the way, that yellow bracelet is not a "Live Strong" bracelet. It is a "fall risk" bracelet. That's right, I guess they still worried about me after I recovered from the epidural =)
So happy that "baby" is home and is now his!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


This is Joe's fault for not proof reading.  The weight was 7 lbs 13 oz.

Breaking News

We cut in on your regular "blog stalking" program to bring you this developing story from the valley of the sun.  The Norby's are pleased to announce the addition of 
Born: 16 October 2008
At: 11:23 am PST
Weight: 7 lbs 13 oz
Height: A very generous 20.25"
Sources close to the Norby's have stated that all is well with mother and child.  Please stay tuned for further information on this Breaking Story as they develop exclusively on this blog!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Just FYI for those wondering. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joe's attempt at blogging

So, since Kristen is away, I thought I would make a few updates to the blog.
A couple of weeks ago Kristen had ordered a few things for my birthday and put the boxes in the coat closet and told me not to look at who sent them.  Apparently she thought I would figure out what she got me.  Well, a few nights before my birthday, Blake got into the closet and pulled out the boxes.  I tried hard not to look at the address label, but I just happened to see one from NBC.  So just to throw a guess out there, I said it was a Dwight Schrute Bobble Head. She assured me it wasn't.  And I promise it was only a far fetched guess.  So much to my surprise, when I opened the box on my birthday, that is exactly what is was.  So here is a picture.  It now rests on my empty bookshelf in my office at work.  Other b-day items included a UNR shirt and hat and some cold hard cash!!  Thanks dear!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Quirky Me!

So I was tagged twice so here is tag number one, tag number two follows. 
I am supposed to share some quirky things about me. This one was actually kind of hard and made me think long and hard. 
1. I can't sleep with our door open. Joe gets in trouble practically every night for not closing the door when he comes upstairs. I don't know what it is about the door being open, but I literally don't sleep well if it is open and I will have to get up to close it. 
2. I can't sleep by the window. Many couples have their sides of the bed that don't change, even when they move. Not so with us. Whenever we move I take the side of the bed furthest from the window. It scares me to sleep by the window. Again not sure why, but that is just how it is.
3. The clock has to be on my side of the bed. I think it's a control issue for me. Also, since having a child, I like to look at the clock when I hear crying and I don't want to have to sit up to look at the clock. I also think that if I put it on Joe's side of the bed he would be late all the time because he would just keep pressing snooze. 
4. It takes me a long time to get started cleaning but once I start I usually can't stop. If I get in the cleaning mode, watch out. This is why it takes so much for me to start because I know when I do I won't be able to stop. 
5. I am anal about how things are cleaned. I don't like Joe to clean the bathrooms because I HAVE to do it my way and if it's not done that way then I don't think it is as clean as it can be. Joe has been trying to be really helpful with the chores around the house because I am now as big as a house, but it sometimes stresses me out. I am trying to work on this. 
6. Blake is on a very tight schedule. From the time I put Blake on a bottle (3 weeks) he has been on a very tight schedule for eating and sleeping. This worked for him really well and I have found that as he has gotten older that these schedules work really well for our family. But if you get us off schedule I start to stress. Not good. 
I tag anyone who wants to share some of their secrets to the blogging world. 

Tagged by Jamie

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. The Office
2. My Name is Earl
3. Heroes
4. Chuck
5. Project Runway
6. Grey's Anatomy
7. The New Adventures of Old Christine
8. The Amazing Race
8 Favorite Places I love to eat:
1. Barro's Pizza
2. Any steakhouse
3. Famous Dave's
4. Miguels (oh how I miss this place)
5. Ichibans (miss this one as well)
6. A Brazilian place in SLC that I can't spell
8 Things that happened yesterday: 
1. Cleaned the fridge
2. Cleaned the microwave
3. Took a nap
4. Watched some funny tv
5. Registered to get an early voting ballot
6. Had some contractions
7. Snuggled with Blake
8. Played baseball with Blake
8 Things I look forward to:
1. Getting to hold our new little girl
2. Going to the doctor today
3. General Conference this weekend
4. Going to the outlet mall this afternoon
5. Closing on our house in a couple of months
6. Seeing my dad at Thanksgiving
7. Joe getting off of work half day today
8. Vacuuming our house today (sad huh?)
8 Things I love about Fall:
1. My absolute favorite is the smell of cinnamon baking-yum!
2. The leaves
3. The smell of the air outside
4. Starting to wear warm clothes
5. Not having to use my ac as much (this one is for AZ)
6. Halloween! 
7. Thanksgiving!
8 Things on my wish list:
1. To have my baby VERY soon
2. Buy a new car
3. Go on vacation next summer
4. That Blake was already potty trained 
5. That Kalli was already potty trained =)
6. To always have a happy family
7. I wish to become a neat freak
8. To eat all I want and not gain weight
8 people I tag:
1. Paula
2. Kerstin
3. Jenny
4. Jessica
5. Sara
6. Summer (I know you were tagged by Jamie too so this is an easy out)
7. Serena
8. My sister in laws if they choose to.