Saturday, January 26, 2008

Do you...

Do you have a magical bowl?
A magical bowl where food enters then mysteriously leaves?
Do you have a magical bowl?
A magical bowl that your 1 1/2 yr old won't eat without?
Do you have a magical bowl?
A magical bowl that your child eats out of when he eats out of practically nothing else?
We have a magical bowl that cereal, chicken nuggets and pretty much everything else goes into and then gets magically eaten.
We love our magical bowl and I'm sure you would too. 

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fingers for paintbrushes

It has been pretty cold the last couple of days here in Reno. Too cold to go to the park. Blake has been steadily  getting more bored each day, so I decided to take entertainment into our own hands, literally. I let Blake sit down and finger paint yesterday morning. He loved it!
Blake is a one finger painter, he does not enjoy using his whole hand. He also favored the color blue and green, I seriously could not get him to use the red. Funny. This is where Blake figured out that not only could he finger paint on the paper but on himself. He also found that painting on himself is way more fun than on paper.  Another fact Blake found out was that finger paint doesn't taste as good as it looks. A good lesson to learn early. See how happy he is. I love it. This will be a regular activity in our house it looks like. Mostly because I love watching him paint. It's so much fun watching these things through your child's eyes. Priceless.   This is Blake's finished project. I don't see an up and coming Picasso, but at least he had fun. As did I. 

Friday, January 11, 2008

Joseph Norby, E.I.

I am not one to brag about accomplishments, but for this one I will. I am proud to announce, if you didn't notice from the title, that I am now an Engineering Intern (E.I.). I took the national test back in October after spending a lot of time studying and avoiding my family by studying at the office on the weekends. The test is a compilation of just about every class I have taken in school. We are so relieved that we finally got the test result and especially thrilled that I passed. This now gets me one step closer to becoming a Professional Engineer. Now that we know I passed, we will become a lot more serious about looking for a job for after I graduate in May. Can I get a "Woo Woo!!"

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

On New Years Day Joe, Blake and I went to see some friends in Fallon, NV. While hanging out we saw one of the cats of the house walking around. Blake has never seen a cat before; a dog yes, but not a cat. He was instantly intrigued and starting following the cat around. According to this family, their cat is not a lover of people. So the cat instantly found a bed to hide under. Blake was not deterred. He proceeded to crawl under the bed to get the cat. We then found a kitten that loves to be held and "manhandled". Blake loved holding the kitty and giving it loves (which pretty much means that he squeezed the cat in a hug and patted its back). All night Blake kept looking for the kitty. Now we ask Blake where the kitty is at our home and always goes to look under the bed. (sorry the picture is a little grainy, it was taken with our cell phone)