Thursday, January 3, 2008

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

On New Years Day Joe, Blake and I went to see some friends in Fallon, NV. While hanging out we saw one of the cats of the house walking around. Blake has never seen a cat before; a dog yes, but not a cat. He was instantly intrigued and starting following the cat around. According to this family, their cat is not a lover of people. So the cat instantly found a bed to hide under. Blake was not deterred. He proceeded to crawl under the bed to get the cat. We then found a kitten that loves to be held and "manhandled". Blake loved holding the kitty and giving it loves (which pretty much means that he squeezed the cat in a hug and patted its back). All night Blake kept looking for the kitty. Now we ask Blake where the kitty is at our home and always goes to look under the bed. (sorry the picture is a little grainy, it was taken with our cell phone)


Kerstin said...

That is really cute. What a smart boy looking for the kitty under the bed.

Stephanie said...

hey you guys it is just another cousin from vote is for arizona!!! we need you to come be with the rest of us skinners!! i was excited to see your blog i am adding you to the list :) steph

Bulldog Fam said...

what up stud. look how we have all grown up. We all have kids now we all have blogs to brag about our ya Sara