Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I scream, you scream...

For my birthday in March I decided I deserved an ice cream maker and I haven't looked back since. I bought this lovely maker which I LOVE! It doesn't make too much, just enough for all of us to have a bowl or enough for Joe and I to have two bowls. But, it's the perfect amount for our family right now.
After I bought said maker I went on a hunt for great ice cream recipes and boy have I made some amazing ones! Upon a very reliable source, I found a great cookbook all about ice cream. Most of his recipes are a bit sophisticated for our taste buds, but we love his strawberry frozen yogurt, chocolate peanut butter and I really liked his chocolate raspberry (although Joe did not).
I wasn't quite satisfied with all his recipes so I went in search of more. I found this delicious strawberry ice cream that I love with the mini chocolate chips. This cake batter ice cream was really good, but Joe thought it just tasted like a very vanilla flavor, I disagree (as did Blake, he loved it!). I made this cookies and cream and it was amazing! I seriously was in love with it and wouldn't remind Joe we had any so that I could have it all to myself. And I made this one tonight and am loving it! So yummy! But I would cut the cherries a bit smaller.
Overall, I think my ice cream maker is getting some great use. I can't wait to make some of these over and over again. I'm waiting for peach season to make a great peach ice cream a friend of mine gave me.
If you don't have an ice cream maker, get one! Seriously I LOVE mine. Or at least make friends with someone that has one, the benefits are superb!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 months

Lexie turned 3 months yesterday.
In celebration she found her fingers. It was a good day!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another season down...

Last year we put Blake in a little league for tee ball and he seemed to enjoy it and Joe and I enjoyed it. We decided to stick with the same coach and go out for spring ball, which is a bit more competitive and time intensive. Pretty much every week we had one practice and one to two games. It was fun always having something to do and Blake really looked forward to both practice and games. Joe was assistant coach again and he loved it. Kalli loved going to all the games and practices and playing with the other kids and wandering. It's crazy to think we started out the season with me being huge pregnant and ended it with an almost 3 month old!
Our family in their tee ball shirts. Super cute! He loved wearing his pants like this, because that's how the bigger boys wore them. Up to bat. The coaches pitch 3 balls to them and if they don't hit them then they hit off the tee. Blake would usually hit off the coach, only a few times did he have to hit off the tee. In the outfield. A tired ready position.
We had their awards ceremony last night and Blake was awarded the most improved player over all the other kids on the team. It's so fun to see how much tee ball has helped Blake work better with others and communicate better. Can't wait til fall ball starts!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

our most exceptional trip to Vegas

We spent our Memorial Day weekend in Vegas with my family. The main reason we went is because my brother Braeden was receiving the priesthood and Joe wanted to participate in his ordination. The first day we took our kids to the water park that I love there. You can't beat that it's free and fun! The kids had a blast. We then tried to go to Ethel M Chocolates factory, a place I loved as a kid. Unfortunately they had no workers in the factory, but the bright side is we still got our free chocolate. You will see the above pictures of what an empty factory looks like. I fell madly in love with the chocolate covered worms, their little eyes spoke to me. The second day Joe, Blake, Braeden and my dad went golfing while all the girls had pedicures and went shopping.
I also pretty much ate my way through Vegas, the only way to do it. We really only ate at home on Sunday. I love eating out and it was so nice to eat at the places I love that I can't get here in ABQ.
Overall we had such a great time and on our way home Joe and I were wishing we had stayed one more day. But then Joe bought ice cream cones in the middle of nowhere NM and we quickly got over our sadness.
Thank you to my family in Vegas for hosting us, we had such a great time!