Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I scream, you scream...

For my birthday in March I decided I deserved an ice cream maker and I haven't looked back since. I bought this lovely maker which I LOVE! It doesn't make too much, just enough for all of us to have a bowl or enough for Joe and I to have two bowls. But, it's the perfect amount for our family right now.
After I bought said maker I went on a hunt for great ice cream recipes and boy have I made some amazing ones! Upon a very reliable source, I found a great cookbook all about ice cream. Most of his recipes are a bit sophisticated for our taste buds, but we love his strawberry frozen yogurt, chocolate peanut butter and I really liked his chocolate raspberry (although Joe did not).
I wasn't quite satisfied with all his recipes so I went in search of more. I found this delicious strawberry ice cream that I love with the mini chocolate chips. This cake batter ice cream was really good, but Joe thought it just tasted like a very vanilla flavor, I disagree (as did Blake, he loved it!). I made this cookies and cream and it was amazing! I seriously was in love with it and wouldn't remind Joe we had any so that I could have it all to myself. And I made this one tonight and am loving it! So yummy! But I would cut the cherries a bit smaller.
Overall, I think my ice cream maker is getting some great use. I can't wait to make some of these over and over again. I'm waiting for peach season to make a great peach ice cream a friend of mine gave me.
If you don't have an ice cream maker, get one! Seriously I LOVE mine. Or at least make friends with someone that has one, the benefits are superb!


Heather G. said...

oh, i love that it only makes a small amount! sounds like lots of fun! we have had an ice cream maker for about 7 years and have yet to use it! you'll have to give me the name of that book - maybe i'll actually make some this summer!

Krinn said...

mmmmm, ice cream. I don't turn down any ice cream, but my favorites are always the custard based ones. And cherry chocolate is always the best (except I disagree with the chocolate shavings--I like small chunks) I will never be thin with ice cream around. :)