Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best of Sky Mall

On my recent trip to SLC, I spent 2 hours on a plane flipping through the Sky Mall magazine.  So to feel productive with the wasted time, I figured I would blog about my findings in a "Sky Mall Top 10" post.  Enjoy.  And next time you are in a plane looking at the Sky Mall magazine, think of the useless things you would never need.
#10 - The Slanket $38.  I guess they had to name it that because the Snuggie was already taken?
#9 - Bra Baby $20.  I don't really have anything clever to say about this except for interesting.  #8 - Sumo Coffee Table $225.  Because who doesn't want a fat guy in their living room all the time.#7 - The Dog Trainer $50.  I guess the dogs are attracted to the bricks and they pee/poop there instead of everywhere else on the lawn.  The easier solution to a nice lawn, don't have a dog. #6 - X5 Hair Laser $300.  I guess if Rogain doesn't work try a laser.  Considering my current hair loss situation, might not be a bad idea.  I mean if I am going to lose it all anyway, way not have a laser to blame it on.

Sky Mall Continues

Sky Mall Top Ten (continued #5 - #1).  It only let me post 5 internet pictures at a time.
# 5 - Sky Rest Travel Pillow $30.  Tell me this wouldn't look ridiculous.  
#4 - Stealth Secret Sound Amplifier $40.  Sure you look cool with your blue tooth looking hearing aid until you have to place you cell phone to your ear to talk. #3 - Garden Zombie $90.  I have heard of scare crows to keep birds away from your garden, but what does this accomplish?  Keeping the dead away from your garden? #2 - Passenger seat office $130 - $350 (depending on which pieces you select).  As if talking on your cell phone wasn't distracting enough, now you can write that report your boss has been hounding you about on your commute to the office.
#1 - Truck Antlers $25.  Some people choose to hang a flag of their favorite team on their window, you chose to hang antlers to ... ?  What ever makes you feel tough!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Utah trip

Last week the kids and I traveled over to Utah on our own with Joe joining us a few days later. The drive was long and I thought I got lost a couple of times, but in the end we got there safely. We all had so much fun hanging out with grandma, uncle Ryan and aunt Kelli. We visited the splash park by grandma's house, the dinosaur museum, played with in the sprinklers in the back yard and played with the many many toys grandma has. The kids had so much fun and Blake keeps talking about his birthday at grandma's house. Here are some of the pictures from our wonderful trip. 
Thank you so much grandma, papa, Ryan and Kelli! We had such a great time. And I don't remember when I took a shower in a bathroom as beautiful as yours!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blake is turning 3!

Blake is turning 3 on Wednesday, and since we'll be out of town all week I decided to pay tribute to him early. Sometimes I give Blake a bad rap because he can be difficult, but there are also times that he can be super sweet and loving. I sometimes am the only one to see this, but at least he does it. Here are some pictures from each of his birthdays. 
I think he was only a couple of days old in this picture, but this is always how he had his body, I think it's funny.  My cute little one year old... he was so cute! Two years, and the trouble began... Now he's going to be three and I am so happy. He is turning out to becoming a great young man and there are days he makes me super proud (there are still those days that he embarrasses me). Blake loves cars, playing any sport and being with kids. He loves Kalli and now that she's older he loves having her play with him. Kalli's new favorite part of the house is Blake's room and he thinks that is so cool. 
Happy Birthday Blake. We love you more than you'll ever know!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our new addition

The reason that we had the opportunity to buy those music books was because we took the leap and bought a piano. We found this beautiful piano at the piano store we had frequented a couple times before. It was in our price range and knew it would be perfect. 
Joe is just itching to get home and play and I can't wait to hear him.
I bought myself an easy hymn book and have been playing and it is so nice to be able to play. 
Now Joe won't have the excuse to say he isn't that good. Now he can practice to his hearts content and get great! 
We just love our little piano!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do you know why?

Today I had the opportunity to buy this:
and this:
Do you know why? 
Stay tuned....