Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best of Sky Mall

On my recent trip to SLC, I spent 2 hours on a plane flipping through the Sky Mall magazine.  So to feel productive with the wasted time, I figured I would blog about my findings in a "Sky Mall Top 10" post.  Enjoy.  And next time you are in a plane looking at the Sky Mall magazine, think of the useless things you would never need.
#10 - The Slanket $38.  I guess they had to name it that because the Snuggie was already taken?
#9 - Bra Baby $20.  I don't really have anything clever to say about this except for interesting.  #8 - Sumo Coffee Table $225.  Because who doesn't want a fat guy in their living room all the time.#7 - The Dog Trainer $50.  I guess the dogs are attracted to the bricks and they pee/poop there instead of everywhere else on the lawn.  The easier solution to a nice lawn, don't have a dog. #6 - X5 Hair Laser $300.  I guess if Rogain doesn't work try a laser.  Considering my current hair loss situation, might not be a bad idea.  I mean if I am going to lose it all anyway, way not have a laser to blame it on.

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