Monday, May 23, 2011

Blake is moving on...

This school year has flown by and Blake "bridged" into kindergarten on Friday. We were so lucky that Blake was able to attend the school district's free preschool. Blake went four days a week, three hours a day to an amazing preschool that is through the school district for free. It truly was a blessing in his life. We loved his amazing teacher and her assistant. It was amazing to watch him through the year and see how much he was growing, maturing and learning. I will be forever grateful he was able to attend.
Blake in his graduation robes. So cute! Right after he walked the bridge. They don't call it graduating, they called it bridging. They would come from the preschool side, walk over the bridge to the kindergarten side. It was really cute and Blake was so methodical as he walked over the bridge. Blake with Ms. Cunningham, his main teacher. I just loved her! She was strict but loving, exactly what Blake needed. Blake with Mrs. Knolla. She was an exceptional assistant and I so appreciated her. And this is what Lexie did while Blake was bridging.
I went and picked up Blake from his preschool for the last time today and I got teary eyed. In a few short months he will start all day kindergarten. He will be gone about eight hours a day. That's a lot to be gone, and I really am going to miss him. I also know that once he starts kindergarten, he will grow up at too fast of a pace. He's ready, I'm not sure I am. I also got sad because I made good friends with some of the moms that also pick up their kids. It was nice to be able to talk to them each day, I will miss them.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Lexie Claire...

Lexie went in for her 2 month appointment. She is now 10 lbs. 11.5 oz (50%) and 23.5 inches (90%). No wonder she is long enough for her 3-6 month pants but not fat enough. She's our tall little baby. The doctor has us fill out a questionnaire each time we go in, and according to my answers he's worried about her development. He was pushing for me to take her to a specialist to get evaluated. I declined as she's only 2 months old. He told me we'd re-evaluate in 2 months and if he's still concerned he is going to send her to the specialist. He gave us some activities to work on with Lexie. So fingers crossed that nothing is wrong, I don't think I can go through another medical thing concerning another daughter. Those girls are just trouble!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Finishing up the girls' room...

On Friday and Saturday Joe and I finished painting the girls' room. We painted the white on Friday night and then did the pink stripes on Saturday. It didn't take us nearly as long as we had thought. Luckily Joe and I work pretty well together. We think it turned out pretty cool. We still are planning on putting up a chair rail, but that will come later.
This is a shot of before we moved the furniture back. The colors really brighten up the room. Lexie's bed finally put together. Until she starts sleeping through the night, she'll only sleep here for naps. Kalli also keeps calling it her bed, even though she hasn't slept in the crib since December. Hopefully I don't walk in on her sleeping in there one morning. Another shot of before we moved the furniture. The wall with beds.
Now we just need to figure out what we're doing with our living room and then all the rooms we wanted to paint will be done. Joe thinks we should paint our bathroom now, so maybe we'll add that to the list.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lexie's blessing day...

Lexie was blessed yesterday. Joe gave her a beautiful blessing and Lexie looked beautiful. She whimpered a little during her blessing, but I think it was because she likes to be held close.
Lexie in her beautiful dress made by her grandma Norby. She is also laying on a beautiful blanket made by her grandma Sue. The dress in all it's glory. Our cute little family (although not so little anymore). Us with Lexie. The dress made by grandma Norby and the blanket made by grandma Sue. I love that she has something from each grandma with her. That was really special.