Monday, May 23, 2011

Blake is moving on...

This school year has flown by and Blake "bridged" into kindergarten on Friday. We were so lucky that Blake was able to attend the school district's free preschool. Blake went four days a week, three hours a day to an amazing preschool that is through the school district for free. It truly was a blessing in his life. We loved his amazing teacher and her assistant. It was amazing to watch him through the year and see how much he was growing, maturing and learning. I will be forever grateful he was able to attend.
Blake in his graduation robes. So cute! Right after he walked the bridge. They don't call it graduating, they called it bridging. They would come from the preschool side, walk over the bridge to the kindergarten side. It was really cute and Blake was so methodical as he walked over the bridge. Blake with Ms. Cunningham, his main teacher. I just loved her! She was strict but loving, exactly what Blake needed. Blake with Mrs. Knolla. She was an exceptional assistant and I so appreciated her. And this is what Lexie did while Blake was bridging.
I went and picked up Blake from his preschool for the last time today and I got teary eyed. In a few short months he will start all day kindergarten. He will be gone about eight hours a day. That's a lot to be gone, and I really am going to miss him. I also know that once he starts kindergarten, he will grow up at too fast of a pace. He's ready, I'm not sure I am. I also got sad because I made good friends with some of the moms that also pick up their kids. It was nice to be able to talk to them each day, I will miss them.


Paula said...

So cute! He looks so grown up already. Good job Blake! We're proud of you and love you so much!

Summer and Hunter said...

aw! congrats Blake!