Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Blake (and me) had been dying to carve pumpkins this season. Since Joe's parents were going to be in town we decided we should carve with them. Blake was so excited as were Scott and Paula =)
Blake and Kalli were so excited with their pumpkins. Blake helped pick out the pumpkins and I think we got some great picks! He even tried to carry them for me but alas they were too big. All of us at work! Joe got to work on Blake's and his own. We call him the master carver( or maybe I just do) Kalli picked out a kitty to do. This is us with our finished product. They had so much fun with this activity. Our finished products. Blake has the alien (that we also think resembles our little unborn girl's ultrasound pics), Paula and Scott did the skull pumpkin, Kalli and mine was the kitty and Joe did a cute face.
We had so much fun doing this, plus this year we moved the carving inside which was infinitely more comfortable!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We found out this morning that Blake and Kalli will be getting a baby sister. We're so excited. Blake was stuck on having a boy but I think in time he'll warm up to the idea. Initially when we told Blake we were having another baby he told us it was going to be a girl, so I guess he knew from the beginning.
We're also excited because we get one more ultrasound at 32 weeks just to make sure her head looks good, since we want to be prepared in case she has the same condition as Kalli. Plus the ultrasound will be 3d, we've never had that done.
All in all, we would have been happy with either a boy or girl but we're so excited to welcome another little girl into the family. As my mother in law said, soon the granddaughters will outnumber the grandsons! Who knew that would happen?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Tuesday morning, bright and early, we are finding out what gender we will be having. We want to know what you think it might be! Vote in our poll and we'll see who was right!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Terrific Two Year Old

We celebrated Kalli's 2nd birthday on Saturday. We had so much going on that day that our only goal was to make her feel special, we think we succeeded.
Kalli started by opening her presents. She didn't care about unwrapping them, just getting the present. So Blake got to open them for her and she got to play with them. It was a good system they had going. Kalli received a lot of princess stuff, pink stuff and baby stuff. Kalli is ALL girl. She has grown up in a house with no princesses or really anything pink and yet she is obsessed with these things. I'm pretty sure it's been hardwired into her brain. We decided to give into her girliness. Kalli enjoying her birthday doughnut. I must say that I love this tradition! Blowing out her birthday cupcake.
Although Kalli can be quite dramatic she is such a sweet girl. She loves to give hugs and loves and is pretty friendly. Now that she's getting older, Blake and Kalli enjoy playing together. It's hard to believe that it's already been two years and in other respects it feels like she's been in our family forever. We just love our little stinker bug!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Where are all the balloons?

This year we set out again for another year of the ABQ balloon fiesta's glowdeo. Unfortunately it was a little too windy so they couldn't blow up the balloons. We decided to stay since they were still going to do the fireworks show and we didn't have time during the rest of the week to go back. The kids still had fun running around, eating and watching the fireworks. We stuffed our faces with hotdogs, fries, funnel cake and cotton candy. The fireworks are amazing every year, I've never seen a better fireworks show ever! Hopefully next year we'll get to see the balloons up close and personal.
No balloons but we're still happy! Every year they have a Darth Vader balloon. Even though they didn't blow it up, the storm troupers still came out. Blake was so scared of them but Kalli was willing to go right up and take a picture. I give her another year before she's frightened too. Enjoying the yummy food and waiting for those fireworks to start.
In all honesty, we still had such a great time even though there weren't any balloons. I guess it's what you take out of each situation. If you've never been to the ABQ balloon fiesta, you need to go! Plus, you can always stay with us!