Thursday, October 28, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

Blake (and me) had been dying to carve pumpkins this season. Since Joe's parents were going to be in town we decided we should carve with them. Blake was so excited as were Scott and Paula =)
Blake and Kalli were so excited with their pumpkins. Blake helped pick out the pumpkins and I think we got some great picks! He even tried to carry them for me but alas they were too big. All of us at work! Joe got to work on Blake's and his own. We call him the master carver( or maybe I just do) Kalli picked out a kitty to do. This is us with our finished product. They had so much fun with this activity. Our finished products. Blake has the alien (that we also think resembles our little unborn girl's ultrasound pics), Paula and Scott did the skull pumpkin, Kalli and mine was the kitty and Joe did a cute face.
We had so much fun doing this, plus this year we moved the carving inside which was infinitely more comfortable!


Eight for Eternity said...

They turned out so terrific, I love them!

Aubrey Norby said...

Very creative and cute pumpkins. We were lazy this year and just painted our pumpkins.

Emily said...


You guys are good!