Monday, April 28, 2008

Stressful weeks

So, since we decided to move to Phoenix, our lives have been very busy and very stressful. The hassle of moving out of state is unbelievable and is driving Joe and I mad (maybe just me and I am driving Joe mad). We had originally booked a moving company to move all our stuff for us which was great because they load and unload. But last night Joe and I were looking at google maps at our new apartment complex in Phoenix and it looked very narrow to get a semi in that would hold all our possessions. This morning I called the complex and they said it would be nearly impossible to have a semi in there because it would block people in, etc. I then called our moving company and told them all of this and they said it isn't that big of a deal, they would just charge us $300 extra to move our stuff from the big semi to a littler truck and do it that way. We were just so fed up with everything that we said screw it and are now booking a UHaul truck. Definitely not our first choice, but it will be easier in some regards. 
Now my front room is filled with boxes that I need to fill up with our stuff. Wish us luck. That will be my job while Blake is asleep. Wow, I have so much more to do that I can't think straight but we are still completely psyched about moving to Phoenix. 
Also, do you ever have those days when your kid is so good you can't believe what good luck you have? Blake was like that today. We had to go buy boxes from the moving company and Blake of course came with me. While I was trying to figure out how many boxes I needed Blake patiently waited in the lobby and walked around and caused no trouble. Whew! Then we had to get our boxes at the warehouse and Blake sat in the car for this. We had to use the backseat to get all our boxes in so Blake had boxes right in front of his face. Although he didn't like it he didn't make a huge fuss. The guy loading them for me kept telling how good Blake was being. To celebrate Blake's good manners today I bought us a churro at Costco after shopping and told him how good he was. He LOVED the churro and I think he understood that mom was VERY proud of him today.
So if any of our friends are reading this in Reno, if you are free Monday May 19 in the morning, we would love nothing more than to spend it with you while packing up our stuff on the truck. =)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Earthquake City!

For those living in Reno, you know we have been having quite a few little earthquakes lately. I felt one a while ago while sitting on the couch. Today, I felt 3. I was laying down in bed while Blake was sleeping and there was an earthquake. My bed shook and you could hear the walls move a little. Scary. A minute or so later another earthquake, a little less than the last one. Five minutes later I feel another one that was as big as the first one. This makes me very excited to move to Phoenix because as far as I know, Phoenix doesn't have earthquakes. I feel like I just might be Chicken Little yelling that the sky is falling but instead of the sky, Reno is falling. AHHHH!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Two BIG Announcements

Wow, are there ever weeks in your life that so much happens and you want to tell everybody but there is just so much to tell? That is our life!
First Big Announcement: We are having our second child. We are due at the end of October but crossing our fingers for another early baby. We were so excited to find out we will be adding to our happy family. I'm pretty much past my hump of sickness and exhaustion. Although I am not back up to 100% I feel much better. We are hoping to find out the sex next month. 
Second Big Announcement: We are moving to Arizona! Joe accepted a job offer (actually the one he recently went down and interviewed for) at an engineering firm in Phoenix. We plan to move the 22nd of May because we have a week long vacation planned in San Diego the last week in May. In no time at all we have found a place to live and are getting quotes from moving companies. Although we love Reno and we will always have fond memories of here (especially since Blake was born here) we are excited to start a new chapter in our lives. The heat is one thing that we are a little apprehensive about, but obviously it isn't so bad that we didn't accept the job. 
So there is our great new developments. We can't wait to share with y'all our new life in Phoenix. 

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Irrational Fear

If you know Blake, you know how much he loves his bath. He always runs to the bathroom when we tell him it's bath time and usually asks for bubbles. Lately though he has gotten very nasty when we turn off the water. It got to the point where Blake wouldn't stop crying the whole time he was in the bath tub. We got very sick of this behavior so Joe suggested that next time he is in the tub and starts to freak out once the water is turned off to turn the shower on. Blake HATES the shower and often freaks out if he accidently turns on the shower. So lo and behold, Blake freaked out when I turned the water off so I turned the shower on and Blake freaked. So thinking it would help, I turned off the water but then he got mad that the water was off. Again, I turned the shower back on and it put Blake over the top. He wanted out of the tub, which I let him although I hadn't washed him yet. 
Two nights later it was time again for bath time. Joe got Blake all ready for bath time but out runs Blake naked to me and then hides by the side of the couch. I felt so bad for him. I picked him up (naked and all) and brought him into the bathroom where he promptly started screaming. I waited for Joe to turn off the water and we pried Blake off of me and into the tub. The only way we got him to stay in the tub was to give him his pacifier and take his mind off of the tub. It worked. Tonight we had to give him a bath and he did the whole thing over again. This time I put my legs in the water and sat him on my lap. I got him to start putting bubbles on my legs which made him happy. I didn't have to give him a pacifier which was progress.
Hopefully we haven't completely scarred our child for life. Slowly but surely he will like the bath again right? RIGHT? 

Monday, April 7, 2008


To complete this tag you must: 1. Pick up the nearest book (at least 123 pages) 2. Turn to page 123 3.Find the 5th sentence 4 Post the 5th sentence on your blog 5.Tag 5 people
"And I will"
Lame sentence, oh well. The sentence that proceeds this one is: "I want to marry Katie Fisher," he repeated". I think that one is better. 
This book is interesting. Jodi Piccoult always writes very intriguing books that bring up lots of emotion and questions. This one centers around the Amish world. A baby is found dead in a barn and the only suspect is a young Amish girl. The book chronicles her trial and her life. It is pretty interesting and not as sad as I thought it might be. I'm interested to see how it all turns out. 
I now tag: Kerstin, Jamie, Tavia, Jenny and Jessica (although she didn't do my last one!)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

A lone woman

So as of 6:30 this evening I will be a lone woman. Joe has an interview in Arizona and the company is flying him out. He figured since Blake flies free and Blake has only seen his great grandma Skinner once, that he would take Blake with him for the couple of days he is gone. His brother Eric and wife Krinn so kindly said that Joe and Blake could stay with them and Krinn would watch Blake while Joe is at the interview. 
So until Saturday afternoon I will be on my own. Don't worry though, I have already made a page long list of chores I need to get done that are hard to do with Blake at home. 
Wish Joe luck!