Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Day of School

 Today was Blake's last day of school. Actually it was supposed to be yesterday but they had one more snow make up day. So he only had to be there for 3 hours. This first year has flown by so fast and I'm so amazed by how much Blake has grown intellectually as well as physically. We couldn't have asked for a better kindergarten experience. He had an amazing teacher and aid, I had the opportunity to be in his class every other week. Blake also had an amazing bus driver that we the parents adored (seriously, she was only absent twice the entire year!). I am so proud of all Blake has accomplished this year. I'm also very proud to say that Blake did not miss one day of school this year, 100% attendance. That is not a small feat and I am incredibly proud of that record!
To commemorate Blake's last day in kindergarten I took an idea I saw on pinterest and documented this very special time in Blake's life.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A lovely celebration of ME!

On Friday, Blake's kindergarten class had a special afternoon just for the moms. I was lucky enough to go and be part of it and it was truly a great experience. Sometimes as a mom I get bogged down with wondering if I'm doing enough, if my kids are going to be good, kind people and if there is more I can do (there always is which is very stressful for me). Blake and I aren't super close, that position belongs to Joe. Blake and Joe are pretty inseparable and I love it, but I do wish Blake and I had a relationship like that. The afternoon in his class was all the uplifting I needed to keep going on this motherhood journey and know that I am trying, and while I am far from perfect, I'm perfect for my kids. 
 When we walked in there were little colored portraits each of the kids drew of their moms and we had to guess which one was mine. Some of the kids called out their parents like saying how much they play on their iPhones and how often they nap. I was certain Blake was going to call me out on something, because let's face it, I have a lot he could work with. I was pleasantly surprised when he showed me the picture of me and his 3 favorite things about me. In case you can't read kindergarten writing it says 1. She like to read 2. She gives the best kisses and 3. My mom makes the best Alfredo sauce. I felt that was very heartfelt, especially for Blake.
Later they gave us this little card with a magnet strawberry and on it he wrote "Why I love you: you make me laugh". There was nothing better I could have heard. I loved it with everything I have! I was also glad I wasn't the mom next to me whose son put that he loves her because she helps him find his socks.

So on Mother's Day, I tried not to think about all that I am failing at or those things that I want to change. But instead I thought of this sweet little boys answer to why he loves his mom and it made all the difference.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bringing back memories...

A little over a year ago I was assigned to visit teach (a part of our church where we look after certain women and help them with any needs they may have) Melanie. At the time we were both pregnant with our 3rd child. We bonded and got along great. Shortly after her daughter was born it became clear that some things weren't right. Her daughter had some surgeries and went through an extraordinary amount of pain and hospital visits. I remember sitting with Melanie while she went home without her daughter and had to continuously make it to the hospital to see her. At the time Melanie told me how thankful she was that I was her visiting teacher because I had been through something similar with Kalli; I understood what it meant to have my baby in the hospital, to undergo surgery and deal with the aftermath. She had told me that if it were anybody else, they would be loving of course but they wouldn't understand. I truly believe that, I knew what she was going through, if only in a small way.
Her daughter was finally released after quite a while and all seemed to be going well. Then she was told that her daughter was deaf, but Melanie being as extraordinary as she is, took it in stride and worked her hardest to learn sign language and help her daughter in all her capacity. Then things got really good for awhile.
Last Saturday I got the message that Melanie had taken her daughter in to the hospital and it resulted in a 5 hour emergency surgery that saved her life. I promptly set up to come to the hospital and visit her, bring her treats, movies, books. Being in that hospital room with sweet Melanie and her amazingly resilient daughter brought back a flood of memories from when Kalli was in the hospital. There is nothing like seeing your sweet baby hooked up to so many wires and machines. There is no more helpless feeling than seeing that baby and knowing you can't do anything to make them better. As I sat talking with Melanie I told her how happy I am that she has such love and support with her. People in our church are begging (begging!) to help out Melanie's family in any way they can. When this happened to Kalli we barely had a support system. Nobody but Joe, his mom and my mom were there to help on the home front and at the hospital. I remember feeling so lonely and completely disconnected.
This week has been quite emotional as all I can think about is Melanie and her family. Each day I find some way to help them out, whether it's visiting the hospital, making dinner, calling someone to bring the family snacks at the hospital. I completely have a testimony that we're assigned certain people to visit teach, that it comes from the Lord. Sometimes we don't know why but others, like Melanie, I know why I'm doing it. And to be honest, it's not all for Melanie. I've learned so much from visiting with Melanie each month.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Shark Vs Train

Like I've said, I'm always searching for a great book to check out from the library that the kids will like. I found this on someone's blog and ran with it. Blake LOVES this book. It's very creative and has enough wit for him and I. Kalli isn't super fond of this book, especially because it has sharks and according to her she is scared of sharks (stinks for her because Blake has been into sharks which means there are quite a few shark books coming into this house). I told him the other day I was going to make a trip to the library and he requested this one again. So, if you have boys in the house (or even girls that are more into sharks or trains) you have to check this book out. It's pretty fantastic!