Friday, January 11, 2008

Joseph Norby, E.I.

I am not one to brag about accomplishments, but for this one I will. I am proud to announce, if you didn't notice from the title, that I am now an Engineering Intern (E.I.). I took the national test back in October after spending a lot of time studying and avoiding my family by studying at the office on the weekends. The test is a compilation of just about every class I have taken in school. We are so relieved that we finally got the test result and especially thrilled that I passed. This now gets me one step closer to becoming a Professional Engineer. Now that we know I passed, we will become a lot more serious about looking for a job for after I graduate in May. Can I get a "Woo Woo!!"

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Kerstin said...

Congrats Joe! I know that Jared said this test was really hard so it is great that you passed.