Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Joe's attempt at blogging

So, since Kristen is away, I thought I would make a few updates to the blog.
A couple of weeks ago Kristen had ordered a few things for my birthday and put the boxes in the coat closet and told me not to look at who sent them.  Apparently she thought I would figure out what she got me.  Well, a few nights before my birthday, Blake got into the closet and pulled out the boxes.  I tried hard not to look at the address label, but I just happened to see one from NBC.  So just to throw a guess out there, I said it was a Dwight Schrute Bobble Head. She assured me it wasn't.  And I promise it was only a far fetched guess.  So much to my surprise, when I opened the box on my birthday, that is exactly what is was.  So here is a picture.  It now rests on my empty bookshelf in my office at work.  Other b-day items included a UNR shirt and hat and some cold hard cash!!  Thanks dear!


Kerstin said...

That is an awesome Birthday gift! One day I'd like to own a Dwight bobble head. Where did Kristen go?

Norby Family said...

Just to clarify, Kristen was just at the Doctor with Blake. No fireworks yet! (JOE)

Aubrey Norby said...

I was just about to ask where Kristen was - thanks for clarifying that. Happy Belated Birthday Joe!