Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A couple weeks ago we got to see our little girl again. We were checking her head out to see if she may have the same condition as Kalli had. While looking around the tech commented that she already has hair. This is quite significant to me seeing as my two others had no hair at birth. Although it doesn't look like a lot, I'm hoping that when she's born she'll resemble me more than her dad and siblings. It's only fair right. I have attached some pictures of all of us at birth. The odds are not in my favor but a girl can hope right?
Baby girl's "hair" Blake at birth. Looks like he has some hair, but not really Kalli at birth. She had more hair than Blake but nothing too significant. Joe as a bald little baby. And then you have me. I have a mohawk of hair! Somehow my genes must somehow become stronger than my husband's so that I can have at least one baby that resembles me! Come on genes, you can do it!


Paula said...

We're rootin for ya. Good luck! Their grandma and grandpa didn't have any either. Sorry.

Amy said...

Good luck :) Not only did you have a lot of hair but it was dark :) So cute!!

Ryan and Kelli said...

I hear that if you have heartburn a lot when your preggo- your kiddo has a mop of hair! We're cheering for it! Although, we'll take another baldy too! Love you!