Friday, February 25, 2011

Blake's not so fun Tuesday afternoon

On Tuesday afternoon I got a call from Blake's school saying that he had gotten hurt on the playground. She told me he was bleeding pretty good and we'd need to take him to the dentist. I quickly woke Kalli up, called the dentist to warn them we were coming and went and got Blake. He was sitting fine on his teacher's lap in the nurse's office until he saw me and then he just started crying. There was blood all over his mouth and his clothes. The nurse said he was playing hide and seek with some friends and as he was running up the steps of the playground equipment he fell resulting in a gash in his lip and bleeding gums. I quickly took him to the dentist where he didn't cry once (shocking!). He let them take x-rays with no problem. We were so lucky he didn't break a tooth. He didn't have to have any stitches or anything. We have to go back in a week to check on his teeth, but I think everything will be fine. It was quite a close call.
There are his bleeding gums and you can see a bit of his cut lip. There's the lip again. This shows that he was a bit bloody. I think he was more traumatized seeing the blood and he jumped for joy when I got the blood out of his clothes. He's a bit anal about having his clothes clean. This was taken three days later. you can see that the bruising has really gone away and it doesn't look bad at all anymore. Smiling! His lip is healing well. I think it looks worse today than it did three days ago, but just because it's healing. Surprisingly I kept asking him if he was in pain that whole day and the next and he kept telling me no. I had him on tylenol that whole day but he didn't need it the next day. I'm just hoping this will be the last time I get that call from the nurse, but I wouldn't bet on it!


The KGB Family said...

Scary! I always hate it when the kids get hurt. I'm glad he was ok and that he is feeling better.

Ryan and Kelli said...

What a tough lil' dude! Blake- you are a trooper! Hang in there buddy- and I can assure you, this won't be the last of many bumps, bruises, and blood! You're a BOY! Love you buddy!

Aubrey Norby said...

Poor Blake! I am so glad that it turned out okay and he didn't lose any teeth. I have another nephew on my side of the family who had a similar fall and he ended up losing 7 teeth in the deal. He has had to have some fake teeth put in as space holders until his permanent teeth come in. Not cheap! Thank goodness Blake fared better.