Friday, March 14, 2008


Blake has recently had his first slurpee. The other night I was really wanting a cherry pepsi and Joe so willingly obliged and even took Blake with him! When they got back Blake had his very own slurpee. Of course he loved it and wouldn't let go of that cup. He would however give us sips when we asked for one which I thought was pretty good for a stingy 1 1/2 year old. Since this picture was taken Blake has had one other slurpee and the novelty has not worn off. Another picture of Blake and his cheesy smile. I can't get him to smile normally... Maybe one day. 


Kerstin said...

Blake is so cute and getting so big! I love the cheesy smile.

Paula said...

cheesy smiles are the best. Grandma loves them.

Kellina said...

I love your little guy! It was wonderful seeing you a couple of weeks ago! I am working on getting a blog page for Ryan and I- coming soon to a computer near you! Take care, and good luck with all your new adventures! Ps- is something cooking in the oven? Wink wink?
Love, Kelli