Saturday, April 23, 2011

The cost of having a baby...

We have received all of our bills from having Lexie. I thought it was interesting how much they charged for each service... I thought you might find it interesting too!
Doctors charge for delivering baby- $3,313.00
Kristen's hospital stay- $9,219.00
Lexie's hospital stay- $1,168.00
Anesthesiologist bill- $4,510.00
Total- $18,210.00
I found it interesting that our anesthesiologist bill was more than a thousand dollars higher than my doctor's bill. As much as I love my epidural, not quite sure it was worth that much money. And after looking at all those bills, I am very grateful we have great insurance that we only had to pay a very small fraction of that total. Now I want to go in and look at an itemized bill and see how much they charged me for tylenol and other necessities.

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Chad, Brittney & Peyton said...

Oh how I would never have a child without an epidural, no matter the cost!!! We are still waiting to see what damage we did during our stay at the hospital. Thank heavens for insurance!