Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All about Lexie

Lexie is a funny little girl that has funny little quirks we've never run into before. One of these quirks is that she doesn't laugh. By 3 months, our other 2 children were chuckling at every little thing, especially when they were tickled. At 6.5 months, this little girl still hasn't figured out how to laugh. She'll grunt pleasantly when you tickle her, but that's about all you're going to get. I find it odd but yet amusing that she does this. It also throws those people that we see out and about that try to get her to laugh (or even smile) through a loop. They can't figure it out and they leave feeling a bit resigned for trying to get this girl to laugh. She is also pretty stingy with her smiles. She has the biggest smiles for her mom and her brother; sometimes her dad can luck out. But for the most part, she doesn't smile all that often. This isn't because she's an unhappy child, quite the opposite really. She is just very particular about what requires a smile in her life.
Another quirk we've had to deal with is Lexie's hunger strikes. This has plagued our family for the last 4 months now, and just when we think she's outgrowing this, she pulls another hunger strike on us. In a nutshell, Lexie prefers me (her mom) to feed her. If somebody else tries to feed her (mostly her bottle) she just won't eat. Joe would try to feed her before bed and Lexie would squirm and wiggle around looking for me and would refuse to eat. Often he could get her to eat a few ounces and then hand her off to me to finish up the bottle. This weird phenomenon reared it's ugly head when we got Lexie a babysitter so we could take the older two kids to a late baseball game. I left two bottles for Lexie, totaling 11 ounces (her norm at the time). I expected her to eat all of them. We came home late and found that she had only had one bottle out of the two and that she had only eaten 2 ounces out of that bottle. Sure enough, I went and woke her up to give her a bottle and she ate 6 ounces. Although she pulls this on us, there is no crying or fussing. She just stages a quiet standoff to which she pretty much always gets her way.
We sure love this little girl and her funny little quirks.


Kerstin said...

Tori was also very stingy with her smiles as a baby. Everyone would always make comments about what a hard baby she must be because she wouldn't smile at them. She was actually really easy and those same people who made those comments when she was a baby always tell me how sweet and easy going she is now.

Aubrey Norby said...

She is a cutie! She knows her mind and won't easily be swayed by those around her. Good qualities for a girl to have in today's world!

Kilburn-Hall family said...

She is beautiful! Definitely independant, smart, and serious!