Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kindle Help

Ok, we know that I love books and I try anyway I can to get as many books into my life as possible. I discovered that while talking to people with digital devices for reading (kindle, nook, ipad) that they didn't know you can get books from your local library right on your reading device. I uploaded the Kindle app on Joe's Ipad (the app is free by the way). I figured since quite a few people didn't know you can borrow books on the kindle, I'd do a quick walk through to help you out. This also works for the kindle app on the ipod touch, iphone or ipad.
This is what my library page looks like. You can see a box that says "download" and has a picture of different reading devices. You would click on that link. From what I've seen, most of the libraries go through overdrive. So I'm hoping this will be helpful to as many people as possible. Once you've clicked on the link you'll be taken to a page with all the books offered through overdrive through your library. Some libraries carry a huge amount, others like mine are more modest. But I have the great luxury to get books from the Albuquerque library and the Rio Rancho library. You'll also notice there is an audiobook section. I will do another tutorial on how to get audiobooks to your ipod. So go on the site and find a book you want to read. Once you've found a book, make sure it's available. This one is, but there is a big audience out there so sometimes you have to wait. This book also has the option to be an epub book (this is the book I need for the nook). If you're downloading this to your kindle/kindle app, click on the "add to my cart" in the kindle section. You will then be led to this window. You can see that you have the book for 14 days, some libraries give you 3 weeks, mine does 2 weeks. All you need to do at this point is click "confirm check out". It will then take you to your amazon account. Your kindle/kindle app is connected to your amazon account. On the right side you will see that you can choose which kindle you want the book sent to. I have highlighted Joe's ipad, but I also have the option to send it to my ipod touch or my mom's kindle. Just make sure you register all your kindle/kindle apps to the same account. To finish, click the yellow button "Get library book".
At this point it will be automatically sent to your kindle/kindle app. That's it, it is now in your kindle library. It will automatically disappear after the allotted check out time.
I did this all on my computer which I find easier, but those with a kindle fire can do it on their system.
I want to do a post about getting library books on your nook/nook app and how to get audiobooks on your ipod.
I hope this was helpful. I found that the more uses for your kindle the better you feel about your reading device. If you have questions, I hope I can answer them!


Heather G. said...

I have been doing this at our library too! I love it!

Krinn said...

I am also surprised by how many people don't know about digital books at the library. You can also put the Kindle app on your PC or android for the same thing if you don't have the "i" stuff :)