Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another one under my belt...

On Thanksgiving morning I ran with some friends in the Hobbler Gobbler 5k. Last year, while I was getting the turkey ready I watched everybody run this race (it's directly behind our house) and I thought to myself how much I wish I could do something like that. This whole year has been about me doing something that I never thought I could do (running). As my 2nd 5k of the  year I really wanted to be able to beat my last time. 
The Hobbler Gobbler route is very difficult with 5 steep hills throughout the course. I did better than I thought I would beating my practice time by 2 minutes and coming in a little faster than my first 5k. Considering that my first 5k was flat, I find this to be very exciting! The run was so much fun and I can't wait to do it next year, although next year I plan on running the 10k! 
 Before the race began.
 Blake ran the kids k after we were all done. It was so fun!
 Here I am finishing, feeling great. It helped that the last part was downhill.
I ran it in 36:20, which is by no means super fast, but it is good for me. I was just happy I didn't come in dead last and that I finished.
I also found out that I got 22nd in my age group, which I thought was good since my age group is quite young. The first runner to finish did it in 16 minutes! Now the training starts for a 10k in April!


Kilburn-Hall family said...

So proud of you! and Blake!

The KGB Family said...

Running makes me smile :) I'm glad you enjoy it too. More people should give it a try. Good job!

Ryan Kelli and Clara said...

You guys rock! :)