Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lexie turns 2!

Lexie celebrated her 2nd birthday last week. I tried to fit as much stuff that Lexie loves into the day. Luckily it was a short day for Blake so she got to spend a ton of time with the family. These pictures are out of order, but oh well. 
We started the day out with her opening presents. She had quite a bit and by the end she kept asking us to open them for her. She got quite a few baby dolls and she was in heaven!
After nap time we went to the park for a while and then off to chick fil a to have dinner and play. We got lucky that Darren and Amy and their brood were able to join us. It was really fun! We then came home and had cake (it turned out ugly but boy was it good!). Although Lexie didn't even touch the cake, she's not a baked goods fan. 
It was so fun to do all things Lexie. We sure love this little girl and are so happy she is part of our family. 

Lexie and her loot.

Unfortunately Lexie caught a virus on Saturday and didn't stop throwing up until Tuesday. Luckily we think she is finally on the tail end of it, but it was quite nerve-wracking and scary (with an almost trip to the er for dehydration).

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