Saturday, June 14, 2008

Food Co-op

That my friends is a beautiful sight! My wonderful sister-in-law Krinn told me about this food co-op they do here in Phoenix. I pretty much trust anything she tells me because she is the best at saving money and such. For $15 you get a whole big array of fruits and vegetables. Because the people buy from the wholesalers, they never know what they will be giving out, so sometimes you get a surprise. Our surprise this time was rainbow chard. I have no clue what to do with this but I will be researching it today. Joe was quite impressed with what we got and we will definitely be doing this again. Here is a rundown of what we got for $15 (be amazed):
1 cantaloupe 
2 bunches of bananas
1 rainbow chard
5 cucumbers
6 apples
2 pears
4 mangoes (Joe is really excited about this)
7 red potatoes


Lewieville said...

Wow! That's soo good and you got a huge cataloupe. Good job!

Our Family said...

Holy Cow, thats cool.

Ebi Shoroye said...

Kristen!! It's Kelly Martin from H.S. I found your blog through Tavia's. You have a beautiful family. My families bog is It ould be great to hear from you!