Monday, June 23, 2008

Moving on UP...

On Saturday Joe and I decided to head out and get Blake his own big bed. We had known we were going to do this for his birthday and decided now was as best as any. Saturday morning, after some errands, we headed over as a family to Ikea to pick out Blake's bed. I picked out three choices I liked and Joe picked the final bed (although I got the final say on what color we bought). After many hours of working to get this bed home, Joe and Blake worked on putting it together. Although Blake may have been in the way a lot more than he was helping (he didn't help at all), Joe and Blake worked well together. Blake has surprisingly done well with his new bed. I keep asking if he is going to sleep in his big boy bed and he gets all excited. He has slept through both nights just fine and naps have been perfect. We love his new bed and so does Blake!
Blake's sleeping position before the new bed. He needed a lot more room than his crib offered.  Blake with the hammer "helping daddy". He was pretty good the whole time they worked on the bed.  Joe and Blake working so well together. Blake thought this was the coolest thing to help daddy build.  Blake on his new bed. We bought him a full size so that he has ample room. When he is older I am sure he will appreciate a bigger bed. He already sleeps across the bed, so right now he is certainly utilizing his space. 
As a side note, don't you just love our window coverings? I haven't decided what I am going to do with Blake's room so I haven't bought him curtains yet. In Phoenix you need some kind of covering to save you not only from the heat but the very early morning sun. Can't you tell how much Blake loves this bed?

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Jensen Family said...

Hey I like the window covering! I hope everything is still going good...I will call you this week!