Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sliding Fun

After we left the pool, we went outside and went to the park where Blake could actually go on the slides. Blake is obsessed with this park. They have a ton of slides, most especially big slides. Lately Blake loves to go down slides so this park is made just for him! He has now learned to walk up the slides and he doesn't walk up the small ones, no it has to be the really tall ones. Here are some pictures of his sliding fun!
On his way down. This slide is pretty cool. Blake has mastered going up the side ones but the the middle slide he is currently sliding down.  One of the slides Blake loves to go up and down. It's pretty fun watching him. He has to be barefoot to walk up them, but he is usually barefoot at this park because they also have a little water spray area. The parks in Phoenix are so great! After getting up, one must come down. 
This is a video of Blake going up the slide and then down. It's fun to document these times in their lives. It will be fun for Blake to look back and watch himself when he was such a little guy. 

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what a little monkey!!!