Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brother and sister love

I grew up without any siblings, so I never realized the bond siblings can have. This is why sometimes I am so surprised by how much my children love each other. I was told that it's best to have an older brother than sister, because they work well together. So far this is true. Blake loves his little sister so much. He always helps me with her. When I need a diaper for her, he will usually get me one. He always has to give her her bottle, pacifier and always has to be in the room when I put her down for a nap or bed and always helps me get her up in the morning. 
The love is not just one sided. Kalli loves Blake. Every morning I pick Kalli up and Blake exclaims very loudly "Good morning Kalli" and Kalli always gets the biggest smile on her face. She could watch him play for hours and be completely content. 
Their new thing is taking baths together. We took Kalli out of her baby tub because she was too long and put her straight in the regular tub. When Blake saw this he wanted in. Every time Kalli has a bath, Blake has one too. I find this amazing seeing how the water barely covers his legs, but he is perfectly happy. I love it! 
I sure hope this love lasts their lives. I do realize there will be fights and all but I sure hope they are good friends growing up. 
Thanks Summer for this dress. I am obsessed! We took it out early because she is so long that she's outgrowing everything length wise too fast. So to get good use out of this dress she is wearing it now. We love it!


Kerstin said...

This was such a sweet post. I have to say that I think you are right about the big brother thing, I love having an older brother, he is one of my best friends and I have always looked up to him.
P.S. Kalli's dress is so cute!I love green and brown together.

Kassi said...

Even though I grew up with siblings, I am still amazed at the bond between Ky and Mya! Ky is a lot like your little guy, he always wants to know where she is and wants her wherever he is! It's so fun to watch!
P.S. I love the dress too! I would be getting as much use out of it as I could too!!!

Ryan and Kelli said...

Can your kids get any cuter? I love your updates...we can't wait to see you guys and meet lil' Kalli in person! Love ya!

Janssen said...

It is so nice to have siblings that are close. What a blessing!

That dress is also SO Cute!

Summer and Hunter said...

Kristen, this made me cry (the pregnancy hormones have obviously not left). It's so sweet to see how much love Blake has for her! What a blessing.

And Kalli definitely makes that dress look cute! :)

Karrasch Clique said...

How fun...Tracen definitely was not like that with Logan...if you can remember! She is a doll and I love, love, love her green dress!