Saturday, February 21, 2009

Happy Happy day and funny Blake story

From the day that we found out we were having a girl, I've been waiting to get her ears pierced. I think little baby girls with their ears pierced are so cute. Kalli's doctor had us wait until she was 4 months old, which we complied with. Today was the big day and I hesitated a bit, because I was afraid of the pain for her. In the end we went through with it and I am happy we did. Joe, thankfully, supported me in this decision. 
We bought the little birthstone for her month, which turned out to be pink ice (I'm not sure what the real one is). The girl did it real quick, Kalli only cried for a second and then stopped. She quickly fell asleep afterwards. I think she is so stinkin cute with her ears pierced! 
And let me tell you how hard it is to photograph those little pierced ears. These were the best photos I had. 
I also wanted to share a funny story. I started Kalli on Oatmeal last night and she LOVED it! Blake took a couple weeks to like it and get the hang of it, first time with Kalli was perfect. Anyway, Blake was sitting next to me while I fed her and he looked interested in what I was feeding her. Not to make her feel left out I offered him a bite of Kalli's oatmeal mixed with formula. Blake proceeded to take a bite and started screaming his head off. Apparently it was so disgusting it caused him to scream in protest! I quickly told him to get a drink of his juice and it would make it better. 
Today when I fed her the same thing, I offered Blake another bite and he kindly declined. I wonder why! 


Kerstin said...

The pierced ears are really cute! And that story about Blake is really funny.

Karrasch Clique said...

I am totally like you...I want to pierce my girl's ears early too! I think that it is so cute!!! Funny...we feed Tracen Logan food sometimes too and he gets SO MAD!

Six Skinners said...

The pierced ears are even cuter in person. She is a doll!!!

The CEO said...

She is so cute! Great story. Shanna

Care N' Mike said...

Hey Kristen,
This is Joe's Cousin, I found your guys blog on Amy's I hope it was okay that I added you for me to follow. Your kids are CUTE!

Summer and Hunter said...

1. The earings are adorable.
2. Blake cracks me up. I would have paid to see that.
3. I can't believe she is eating oatmeal. I am refusing to feed Jack solids until he's three. He still sleeps in his bassinet in our room at night. I can't cut the cord!!! Any suggestions?
4. Nice new ride! I tried to comment on it about 5 times and it wouldn't post. So yes, it is very nice!