Sunday, April 26, 2009

How we spent our Saturday

Our ongoing process of completing our backyard took up our whole Saturday. Joe finished the sprinkler work that his dad worked on this last week. Scott was out there all day for three days. He was a champ! We are so incredibly grateful for him and the work he did on our yard; he actually saved us about $1300 in labor, so thank you for that!
These are the trenches that Scott dug. Who needs a gym when you have a backyard to work on.  On Saturday morning we headed over to Lowes and bought some flowers, vegetable and fruit plants. On one wall I have all my flowers and on another I have my fruits and vegetables. Here are some of the flowers I planted. They looks so pretty in our otherwise dirt backyard.  Here is our fruit and vegetable garden. We really hope they will be able to grow well, Joe is betting on when they will die. We have pumpkin, watermelon, strawberries, peppers, tomatoes, and raspberries. Let's just keep our fingers crossed that at least one doesn't die.  We also planted two fruit trees. This is our peach tree that already has fruit growing. We are so excited about these trees! And here is our little apple tree. I don't think it will start blooming until the end of summer. 
We are so excited to see what we can produce from our little garden. Each year I plan on adding more fruits and vegetable and flowers. For right now we are happy with the plants we have. 
Next up is our rock!


Aubrey Norby said...

Scott also did yard work for us when he visited here in November. How nice is that? It is amazing how even after we are "grown-up" and living on our own we still need our parents. We have been truly blessed with wonderful family!

Paula said...

Now the real work begins of keeping it all alive. Scott was glad to help out. Hope it all continues to work. It will be fun to see when you get your rock and grass.

Our Family said...

Wow! It looks great. I love the little garden:)

Amy Jo & Joey said...

Your yard is really coming along! Can't wait to see the finished product! I am totally jealous! Now if only I can get Joey to start ours!

thegatewoodfamily said...

We are starting to make plans for our backyard! Its so exciting. I am going to try to start a little garden, but you know how Vegas is... it kills everything! Love all the trees and flowers, its going to be so pretty!