Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bows for both my kids

Now that Kalli's hair is getting long enough to actually clip a bow on, I bought her some at the store the other day. I fully intend on making my own after seeing a tutorial on it, but I had to get some to tide me over till then. I think she looks dang cute in them. But I also find it funny that people still ask me how I got them to stay on her head. With her hair, duh!
I am simply in love with this dress. Grey and pink look so cute together! For added humor, Blake loves Kalli's bows. The night we bought them he wanted one in his hair too and it actually stayed there with his new very short hair. He loved them so much he wouldn't let us take it off for bed and actually slept with the bow on. I went in and stole it the next morning before he could find it. Silly boy! But I think hot pink may be his color. 


Kerstin said...

Cute bows!! It is so fun when they get some hair, we are still waiting on Ella's ;).
Also I love the dress, so cute!!

Ryan and Kelli said...

Blake better watch out- that pic could be some great blackmail material! Cute bows!

Summer and Hunter said...

Kalli is so gorgeous!

thegatewoodfamily said...

Man! she is so cute! I made Bindi's bow for her birthday, but I still have to use Karo to get it to stay in her hair...because she has none.

Amy said...

Pink and gray really do look good together. That dress is so cute!

Love the bow in Blake's hair :)