Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Accidental Farmer

I have officially started calling myself the accidental farmer. Awhile ago I posted about all the great fruits, vegetable and flowers that we bought for our garden. All the flowers are dead and the only things still living from that post are the raspberries and green peppers. Yep, I killed them all. I actually blame our soil. 
At church a couple months ago a family was giving out their started fruits and vegetables because too many actually grew, so I took a couple. I planted them and they got buried by all the wind storms we had. I forgot about them until a couple of weeks ago. One plant popped it's little head up and I thought that was great. Then more popped up and I started getting excited. I pretty much just threw some seeds down and left it at that. These little seeds have turned out very successful. So the plants I bought all died but the ones I ignored are thriving. Our biggest one is our canteloupe plant, it's huge!
This is our cantaloup plant. I can't wait to see if it produces. 
Side view. 
And underneath the cantaloup are the seeds thrown by the wayside. I actually have to move those smaller ones because the cantaloup leaves are way too big for the others to get sun. 
I just find it comical that I can only grow by accident. Oh well, I'll take it!


thegatewoodfamily said...

This saturday we are laying our grass and then I am going to try to plant Tomatoes, carrots and peppers. I am really hoping they work out... maybe I will just throw the seeds in the backyard and hope for the best lol, keep me updated on the cantaloupe, home grown is always so much better.

The KGB Family said...

That's more than we have, and we have already planted twice :( Good luck, hopefully they will keep growing and you can enjoy the fruits of your non-labor :)

Kilburn-Hall family said...

Good job! Hope they grow!

Karrasch Clique said...

So I haven't been on the blogging world in forever! Your little ones are soooo cute...I wish that we could hang out with that little Kalli of yours. She is such a doll. Maybe one day soon I will update about our busy lives, which have slowed down a bunch since school ended! Have a fun summer!