Monday, June 1, 2009

A trip to remember

This weekend my good friend Linda flew down from Reno, NV to visit our little family. We were so excited to have her here. When we lived in Reno, she was practically a second mom to Blake and he just adored her. We were also excited for her to meet Kalli and Kalli sure loved her! Blake has been asking for Linda all day today and I just had to tell him that she had to go back to her own family. I told Linda that I need to persuade Carl to send her down once a month. 
Dropping Linda off at the airport. 
Linda bought Blake a little bubble set and he loves it! He especially loved it when she went out and blew bubbles with him. 
Getting quarter cones at Sonic...I should have taken a picture of her face when she got her coke with lemon. =)
Kalli sure loved the ice cream!
Linda spoiling Blake was tummy and back rubs. 
We had so much fun this weekend... I can't wait to see you again. We love you Linda!!!!


Jensen Family said...

fun times!!!

Janssen said...

Isn't company just the most lovely thing?