Friday, May 28, 2010

Blake is so random...

So apparently I have been wearing Blake out every day. The other night I made pizza and sat Blake and Kalli down to eat while I finished up. It got very quiet after about five minutes, which is not normal in my house. So I looked over and saw that Blake had pulled the other chair close to him and lay down to fall asleep. He slept like this for an hour and a half. No amount of me prodding or making noise would wake him up. I thought this was a fluke and that he was just really tired that day. Nope, the very next day Blake was eating dinner and again fell asleep in the same position. Blake is such a boy and can fall asleep anywhere. It's not too abnormal for him to fall asleep at dinner although usually he just falls asleep sitting up.
My friend commented that he looked like he was in a cage, now that's an idea for the crazy Blake!

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