Monday, May 24, 2010

Reno calls to us...

So after Disneyland we headed to Reno. We hadn't been back there for two years and missed some of our friends dearly, not to mention some of the restaurants. We stayed with our great friends the Smiths and had an amazing time. Because we were only there for two days we didn't get to see and do everything we had wanted to.
This is Linda getting ready to go play with the bees. My kids have a special bond with her and they just love her. Even though Kalli hasn't grown up around her she still loved her so much. I know Linda will always have a special place in my kid's hearts. So the Smiths have gotten into bee keeping. Carl wanted to show us what it's like so Joe was brave and went outside to be right there. I chose to take pictures from the house. Look how close Joe got, I give him major props. At one point Joe gave his net hat to the Smith's son, so Joe had no net hat for half of this. Now that's bravery my friends. Look at all those bees. So glad I was inside. Kayla was so good with Blake and Kalli and they just loved her. Kalli would run up to her when they got home from school and want to give her loves. It was so special.
We enjoyed seeing the friends that we could. Because of the wonderful world of blogging, I really felt like I knew my friend's children even though we either hadn't met before or because we had been gone for so long. That was pretty special. But now since we have gone there, it is our NV friends turn to come visit us out in NM! You'll always have a home to stay in when you come out!

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Jensen Family said...

I had no idea they were bee keepers...note to self don't go in their backyard! And I'm sorry but what restaurant could you possibly miss here...there is NOTHING!!!