Friday, July 13, 2012

Monsoon Season

For a couple weeks in the summer, we are lucky enough to get drenched by the monsoon storms. Each year is different and we really never know what to expect. This year has been no exception. Nearly every night we've had a downpour. Now in years past this downpour would only last for a few minutes but maybe up to 30 minutes. Not so this year, our storms are lasting at least an hour up to all night. These storms aren't just sprinkles but torrential down pouring of rain. The funny thing about them is that during the whole day you'd never know one was coming, blue sunny skies are out, but about half an hour before it starts the clouds come on fast and the thunder and lightening follows. Our plants and grass are going crazy with all the extra water and humidity.
The only complaint that Joe and I are having about these storms is that it has messed up our nightly run pretty much every single night. We get our hopes up to go out and the storm comes through and dashes it. On Monday, we decided to run between storms and got drenched from all the humidity! We're not complaining, our land needs this water very badly.


Ryan Kelli and Clara said...

Monsoon Season is AWESOME! Send the rain up here! Please!

Aubrey Norby said...

Send some of that rain our way! (:

Nick and Serina said...

I sure miss the Monsoons!!! They are me favorite. Glad to hear things ae goig good for you guys.