Monday, January 19, 2009

Alligator or crab?

So it's probably a pity that I am the stay at home parent in our family. Let me give you the reason why: 
Blake is hooked on those little capsules that grow in the water. The other day we got like 9 packages of them because they were 20 cents at KB Toys. So Blake was taking a bath and he got two of the growing capsules. The one to your right was one of the ones that grew. Sometimes it takes a minute for the form to come to life. I took a look at it and said, Blake it's an alligator. He was excited. I needed to leave him to take care of Kalli so Joe took over. 
While I'm feeding Kalli I hear Joe saying crab. I thought he was referring to the other animal that came to be. Nope, Joe came out and informed me that what I thought was an alligator was in fact a crab. But Blake only believes me apparently. We keep telling him it's a crab but he says "no crab, alligator". Oh well, maybe I shouldn't be the one teaching my children. 
(In my defense I don't think the animal had completely taken form and therefore didn't look like a crab, like he does in the picture). Special parent moment. 


Summer and Hunter said...

Psh. English major.

Also, I read the book Prep. I was depressed for a week. It's very strange and I had to skip a few parts. I'd like to know what you think about it.

Aubrey Norby said...

Who has ever seen a green crab anyway? I thought they were reddish brown.