Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can I get a woo-woo

We received really exciting news yesterday. Joe opened up our health insurance benefits statement and noticed that they paid for Kalli's helmet. Originally we fought to have them pay for her helmet and the insurance company said it was not covered for various reasons. After many hours on the phone and getting nowhere, we decided we would just have to pay for it ourselves. It was $1500, which we could afford, but it still wasn't nice. 
So now, the insurance paid it all and we will get our money back from the helmet company. We couldn't be more excited! 
It now reduces her surgery and recovery cost from $1600 to $100, good health insurance is such a great thing!


Paula said...

Wow, what a blessing! That's great!Pink is definitely her color. Sooo cute.

Kerstin said...

That is great!! You really do have great health insurance.

Jenny and Kevin said...

She is so darn cute! I love her helmet and her smile- especially the little coy thing she has going on in her picture on the side bar.

Karrasch Clique said...

How awesome...I am STILL fighting our insurance about Logan's circumcision! What the heck?? I am going to make you something super cute just wait!

Jan said...

Woohoo for sure!! Love getting that kind of news -- so nice!

Weird thing - Joe - I dreamed about you and your family last night (weird because I know you, but not everyone else!) It was a fun happy dream and I woke up thinking about you all!