Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ABQ Ballon Festival

The balloon festival is really big here in Albuquerque. They shut down the schools and streets and it pretty much overtakes the town. The festival lasts for ten days and they do all kinds of competitions and events. We decided to go down one night when they were having their shapes glowdeo and fireworks. They only had the fun shape balloons and then they put on a light show that was fun. The kids had so much fun looking at all the characters. Then they did the fireworks were actually pretty good. Blake is still talking about the balloons and how fun they were. Blake's favorite part sadly was riding a school bus to the balloon park, oh well. 
Blake refused to take a picture with the family. This was our second attempt and we just got what we could.  Notice that Kalli wouldn't look at the camera, she was way too interested in the balloons. She never took her eyes off of them.  This is what we saw when we walked into the balloon park. It was a little overwhelming.  Part of the light show.  This cow was ridiculously huge! We had watched him on the tv for a couple of days but it was even better in person!
Here is a little video of the flicker show. 


Karrasch Clique said...

OMG how fun...similar to the baloon races here? But those are much cuter balloons!

Amy Jo & Joey said...

That looks like a lot of fun!

Aubrey Norby said...

Fun times to be had in ABQ! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. Happy Birthday a little early to Kalli!

Amy said...

I've heard about this festival and have always wanted to go. Maybe someday :) It looks like so much fun. Alex would love it!